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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Happy Labour's Day!

Today, is the most happiest day especially for people who are currently working because it's Labour Day! :) Happy Labour Day people! Talking about labour day, yesterday was the worst day of my life because waiting for my turn to do bank in stuff in the bank and I waited for almost 2 hours. God, i can seriously die inside while waiting and become a fungus and grow lotsa mushrooms on my head. Anyways, today we have no plans today so my mum and I plan to go to "Raja Kita's" exhibition at Old King's Palace in Jalan Istana and it's the first time ever in history where everyone had a opportunity to go in the palace! It's only from 16 April 2012 till 15 June 2012. Moreover,the entrance fee is free :) 
 My simple outfit :)
T-shirt - Body Glove
Shorts - Cotton On
Flats - Topshop 
Bag - Fred Perry
Accessories - Baby G, Thomas Sabo
Glasses - Gucci 
The royal garden.

The exhibition is on the right side on the palace. So just walk straight towards the end and you will see lotsa people going in.
 The king's and queen's passport.
 The queen's old identity card and driving license. 
 King's precious collection are quite vintage to be fact with old camera and recording device and expensive watches too! 
 This is nice :)

 The king's collection.
The queen's full diamond crown.
 King's tengkolok.
The Royal Throne. 
 Another crown that had worn by our queen.
 My mum being vain in pictures.
 It looks like gonna rain soon in pictures but actually it's scorching hot in reality!
 Oh! Hi mum :)
 My mum asked me to do that; and yeah it's kinda awkward HAHAHAHAHA
 Happy mum! 
 Had a popsicle when we're outside the palace. omg,I miss old school ice-creams! In school days, where a man with a motorcycle and his bell ringing or honking his motorcycle outside the school and all kids running out to buy ice-creams after school hours. I almost have ice-creams every single day!

My haul of the week.
 Three nice colours that I brought from Etude House; plus they're having 4th Anniversary so lotsa discounts on every item you brought and depends what product you brought including nail polish 10% discount!
And if you brought more than RM30 you will get a free gorgeous pink bag! The promotion ends this end of the month.
Glitterly pink.
 RM 15.90 - AFTER DISCOUNT : RM 11.71
Pastel purple and nude colour.
Every on RM 5.90 - AFTER DISCOUNT : RM 4.71
Just painted a chio nude colour on my nails and I'm loving the colour that matches on my nail even though it's kinda odd when your nail has then same colour as your skin but for this; I really love it!
 I got these free sample from Origins thanks to Cleo Magazine that has coupon to reedem them at any Origins store. Will try out soon!
 Got a brown messenger bag that I asked my cousin to order from the net because she wanted to buy a bag too and so we brought them together and the postage wont be that expensive. I love the quality and the product is exactly what I saw on the website :
Lastly, Fred Perry 2011 AutumnWinter collection that ordered from forum cause my friend wanted to buy too so I ask her to order as well. Love the bag! I'm currently using it. And I know it's kinda late to buy this bag but nothing matters; as long it's comfortable to me, me likey! 

Tomorrow is mua's first day orientation in HELP. Got to sleep early. 


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  2. I one waited in the emergency for 2 hours! I hate waiting!
    You are so lucky to get to see all these stuff! Your mom seems very nice!



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