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Friday, May 18, 2012

Freebies review.

 HELLO! :) I'm so excited to some of the freebies that I got for this week! Some freebie are okay, some are really disappointing and some are really big freebie! :) There's lotsa stuff I can share to everyone. Actually I was planning to blog this post on the weekends cause I was waiting for another good freebie this Saturday! HEHEHE But I'm too excited and impatient! Okay, so it began to know about freebies; started with my cousin introduced me a page on facebook where they will post any freebies will be giving to your doorstep, reedem a sample and etc. The moment I saw lotsa updates; I have hooked on it. Almost every single day I have eyeing on what freebies will be given soon before the expiry. Receiving those freebies gives me a sense of satisfaction and pleasure of what I have got for FREE! 
 This week's freebie!
In every product I've received, I will giving my opinion for each and every product and give more detail about them. So, here we go!
 #1 Got free KISS ME hand cream at Leisure mall while went shopping for groceries and stuff. There having a roadshow while they present you to fill in the details and you hop in the bus to look at their cosmetics products (btw, this brand are famous for waterproof mascara and eyeliner) and get the mystery gift - the hand cream. 
 Other than hand cream, they also include a pack of oil blotter too! The packaging is lovely and colourful with comic characters. 

Comment: So far, the gift was pretty good and you can't expect for more than and I love it. It comes in handy and put one of them at my bag when I really need them especially attending classes in a freezing class cause of dry skin!

 #2 I got this free sample Ralph Lauren fragrance by printing the flyer from the website  and present them the flyer and they will give you the sample.

Comment: I can say this is the most disappointing sample fragrance ever for me. I was expecting a little tube around 1.2ml. I've tried to spray the card thingy where you pull the green top and you press the middle of the card and I don't get any water perfume coming out! Only the smell was there, nothing else. Waste my paper. pft.

 #3 I got the infos from this website:  and I print the voucher and head to any Laneige stores and so I went to Jusco Midvalley to reedem water sleeping pack.

Comment: This sample was okay for me cause usually Korean products sample are in this kind of packaging, I wasn't expecting more and I've intended to try this sample anyways cause I saw lotsa positive comments about this product. :)

 #4 This sample was also I got the information from this: & fill in the details and ask us who's your champion? and answer them including upload a picture of the champion you have written. Printed the voucher and head to any Davidoff fragrance stores and so went to Metrojaya Midvalley & finally got this sample.

Comment: Okay, this the size of fragrance sample I want. It's better duhh. Unfortunately, this fragrance is for men; too bad but I can give my friends if he's interested with this product. And the scent is so nice! :)

 #5 Information given by and printed the voucher and present them @ Centre court at Midvalley and they will give you a Free sample of Biotherm with cleanser, toner and hydrating gel with steps give too!

Comment: The packaging was okay and I kept expecting they will give in small tube sizes but oh's just a sample anyways.

 #6 Got this great roadshow information from but they only stated the main shopping complex and thanks to! I got more infos about the roadshow! Link: So, I went today at Millennium Tower where is just nearby my university and I was going there to do something and get to hop in the very luxury and classy Dior bus with full of cosmetics! At first, I was worried that I will be ignored by the girls cause I look like a little girl and I don't even look like a 20 year old girl wtf. Thank god, they noticed me and I was ushered into the bus and a nice girl gave me a little makeover and I was a lil shy. :P Finally, I got Free Semi-permanent Dior Addict IT Tattoo!! YAY!!! 

Source picture thanks to Street-love.

 Being super vain after gotten free makeover! 

 Duckface, I know.

The makeup artist put 6th lipstick from the left and the eye shadow that was painted on my face. :))
 I was very curious and excited about this DiorSnow Skin Jewelry in terms of the simple packaging with snowflake on it. I was expecting the tattoo was snowflake in dust of something very nice! 
 Once I open the card...
 Ummmmm........okay. :/
But still, it's quite nice and simple with some lil jewelry and I can put them on my skin or any accessories I have. It's free anyways. :)

 Look out for Dior Addict extreme roadshows any soon and they might be nearby your place and head there and try their latest Dior Addict lipstick! 
Source: Street-love

Comment: I really love it! Their tattoos are like Channel ones but not in terms of their designs and their designs are unique too. The Dior lipstick on my lips, I was expecting to be all fall off because my usual lipstick is SURE CONFIRM NO MORE especially taken food or drink and later I ate lunch and drank lotsa water and soon I went home and look at the mirror and it's still there. Not even a smudge! Love it! 
 #7 B.liv by cellnique silk face mask samples. Link:  I saw when someone commenting that the sample are quite big. So, I printed the voucher and head to SASA @ Midvalley and present them the voucher and they will give you a parcel of goodies!
 They give 2 mask somemore! YAY!
 Wait, there's more!! 
 They even included in 5 voucher of RM2 off! Original price is RM6.90 per pc mask.

Comment: The packaging was pretty good for providing the parcel for convenience. This free sample was worth getting! Will try the product soon! Go print the voucher now and head to SASA for free samples before 20th May 2012; this Sunday! 

That's all I get and I talk too much HAHAHA. Give any comments about the freebies and I will asap replying your comments! 
I want give a huge thanks to & for giving great updates! 
Till then! 



  1. Wow so good, I not yet that bling one

  2. hahahaha. i havent bling too :P but planning to :))

  3. Wow, i like the Dior red lipstick. Ohh so niceee :D



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