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Saturday, May 26, 2012

Freebies review #3 & haul!

It's freebies time! So this week, I didn't get much of stuff but I still will be sharing the freebies I've received! Plus, I will be revealing my haul of the week! It's been awhile never gone shopping! Let's get started! 

#1  Uniqlo tote
 You can check out here.

Comment: Free tote bag, so far it was okay for me. :)

#2 Kiehl's samples
 I never heard any Kiehl's giving any samples but I was just went in and asking for any  recommendation for my oily face and soon they gave 2 sachets of samples for me to try! 
First was their customer favourite's Ultra Light Daily UV Defense
 Second was Clearly Corrective White Purifying Cleanser.
Will looking forward to try them soon! :)

Comment: They gave good service and even give me some free samples! Keep up the good work! 

#3 Rimmel 1000 Kisses Lip Tint
 Source for this freebie:

It's a exchanged freebie; you have to exchange this lip tint with your old lipstick. So I got my mum's old lipstick and I went to Watsons,Pavilion and exchanged to brand new lip tint! I reached there around 10am and I was the last three! :O
 Seriously, the lip tint really looks like a marker and smells like it too! 
 The bottom of the lip tint is a lip balm; I never realized until the promoter at Watsons told me! I think I should give a review about this lip tint, soon.

Comment: So far this is the first time I got something exchanged seriously. Good thing it's a full size product they gave! :)

Something different now. Those products is what I got from my aunt! 
#1 Body Shop Wild Cherry Lip Butter
 My aunt gave me this lip butter that she brought from Singapore! It's around RM26 and it's the miniature of normal size body butter! So cute!! 
 It smells so good like bubblegums! and it's so moisture on my lips! I love it!

#2 The Face Shop - FACE it Power Perfection BB Cream SPF37 PA++
She gave this I was so happy! :D But she gave me the BB cream only because inside the box there's a makeup remover and she needs it :)
 This is the tube! I'm not quite sure about the price but she just randomly told me RM100+ 
I will be trying out very soon! Plus a review too! 
There's sample for me too! But I will keep them for future giveaways soon! Keep on reading  readers! 

My haul of the week! 
#1 Uniqlo
I went back to Uniqlo at Fahrenheit that I was very sad about Snoopy collection for women was available at Midvalley and I passed by Uniqlo and I was so happy and brought it! 
 I brought Easy Fit Leggings in turquoise colour! The price: RM79.90
 And also Snoopy UT T-shirt! :) Price: RM24.90
 The tag with intros about Peanuts. I love Snoopy and Charile Brown! 

#2 Accessorize 
 I got Under The Sea studs! So adorable! Price: RM53.00
Violet Flower Bando / Headband. I love this very much; will go crazy with headbands. Price for this: RM39.00 I got 20% when I purchase this two items I like! By the way, this headband is wore like this. (above pic)

 #3 Forever 21
I'm eye-ing for feather hair clips recently because I first saw at Diva but it's too pricey for me and I went to F21 and I saw the price was like OMGIMUSTGETITNOW. Guess the price? RM19.00  ARE YOU KIDDING ME? :D Some more got 2 clips! 
First clip; with colourful bead and I love this the most, it looks very nice on me! :)
Second clip; basic and simple with chains :)
This is how you wear them on your hair. Looks like a hipster right? HAHAHAHAAHA
It's looks very bohemian on the other hand. 
Second, I brought another feather headband for myself because it's so pretty! Same price as the feather clips! This headband reminds me of Pocahontas! :)
 This is how you wear them! So cool huh?
 Colourful feathers and soft too! 
 Polka Dots feather.

#4 Mirrorcle
I brought only 2 dresses I like the most! 
Asymmetric turquoise one piece dress about RM32.90  There's other colours available too; white cream and nude orange.
Lace dress for myself and it's also RM32.90
Lastly, a brown belt because my old belt is not in a good condition already. Price: RM24.90

There will be having Roxy and Quiksilver grand opening at Midvalley on the 26th May 2012 (means it's tomorrow!) and will giving FREE DOOR GIFT FOR FIRST 300 CUSTOMERS ; FREE DOOR GIFT PLUS RM50 VOUCHER FOR FIRST 150 QUIKSILVER AND ROXY CARDMEMBERS.

HUGE freebie! :D Will you be there? I'll be there tomorrow. See you tomorrow!

Any freebies you received recently or any hauls in this post you like? Share any hauls you shop lately? 
Leave a comment below! 



  1. so many freebies lucky youuu! :D
    i saw your comment on my blog , stay in touch?


  2. Asymmetric turquoise one piece dress about RM32.90 <--- love this dress...

  3. yeah me too! :D love lotsaaa is now selling at Mirroracle @ Fahrenheit 88 ;)

  4. I bought snoopy UT too, albeit in another design. Love your haul btw!Gorgeously cute..

    On your comment about Japanese magazine freebies on my blog, i couldn't agree more.. some of them are really crap quality..i dont buy them as much now but i love seeing what new freebies they have

  5. Thanks! :D

    Ya :) currently I stop buying them even though they are really attract to my eyes. @.@ and the price is kinda expensive for a magazine since is from Japan. :)

    The most latest I brought Brook Brothers bag magazine :)

  6. omg that pants is so dam nice! T_T but 79.90 abit kiamsiap to buy lolol

  7. ya, at first I was very kiamsap like you but then i tried and was really comfy and just nice! so i brought them! :))

  8. omygawdd! all the items so nice! especially the floral headbadn hehe been searching one and then stumble into your blog



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