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Monday, April 30, 2012

Recent updates.

Today is 30 April 2012; 1.16am in the morning.
Time files so fast. Clicking through my old blog post; posting about my first day in Form 6 and now I'm taking to the next step, university life. I can't believe I'm heading to university. Sometimes heading back and flashing back all those old memories I had with them were happy and also some unhappy moments when we're having our obstacles and finally we really step forward now. Everyone separated into different places to study and so do I. Looking forward the future too, meeting new people and the different surroundings around me. 
19 years old and going 20th on September; that finally gonna reach to adulthood. Unfortunately my parents still treating me like a little girl in a 5 year old world. Sometimes too much love is too much.

"Never give up on everyone. Miracles happens every day."

And by the way, just had a great birthday lunch with my VICLU mates for Ms Len Wei Inn's late birthday which is 3 days ago and never get to drink the HUGE big cup of milktea. LOL 
Taken by my iPhone so it's kinda blur and can see shaky a little but thanks the staff anyways! :)
Happy Belated Birthday, Wei Inn! Lotsa kisses and love for you! xx


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