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Monday, April 23, 2012

Photo Crafts Diana F+ workshop

Personally, I love lomography, alot. Ever since I was 15 when lomography wasn't that popular in Malaysia. Totally hooked into the photos and also cameras! God, analogue cameras! 
My best friend, Hui Sien (who love lomography too) texted me about this Diana F+ workshop by Photo Crafts and straight away without any consideration I agreed to go all the way to Sunway Pyramid.
I fetched them from train station and drove all the way there and omg, lost our away like 2347845643 times! T.T Thank god, we made it in the end, just in time and also became the first who reached the shop! Everyone gathered and the workshop starts with lil ice breaking session, then explain the basic things about the Diana F+ and also the mistakes and tips for taking that camera. Finally, the end of the workshop will have practical and also Q & A. Oh by the way, I owned only a Diana Mini; not a Diana F+. But that's okay for me :)

I like the way they decorated the pictures on the wall.

 Me & Hui Sien

Host of the day: Pui Fun. 

My tired face.
 View from Lomo L-CA; taken from my Canon Ixus 130.

My Diana Mini and flash was belong to my friend. 

My friend's PINK HOLGA! SO CUTE!  

When the host was explaining about the mistakes of taking Diana while holding a lil scrap book with pictures and flipped on of the pages and I was this picture. I was like why so familiar I recognize this braces and the hair; omg it's Clarie! hahaha, I nudged hui sien and she's like oh yaaaaaa :D

 Awesome pictures they had around the place and I love them! 

Fish Eye lens. 

 View of Fish Eye lens; wasn't that clear and blur-ish but still nice :D

Group picture with those who came to the workshop :)

Their collections was zomg so many i want. They have everything you always wanted! Spot the limited edition Diana Mini; love is in the air! 

Lil keychains placed on the counter. 

Today's workshop was conducted by Pui Fun, one of the crew of Photo Crafts. 
Funny and bubbly girl, including all Photo Crafts crews!
Overall, the workshop was very interesting and knowledge-able and knew a lot about the camera and also the tips was very useful when taking snaps on Diana Mini or F+ and was a total worth coming to the workshop!

This is the souvenir I got from the workshop.

  Except the name card; I took them from the counter but I love the nice business card and every card has a different pictures!

 They gave a roll of Colour Negative 100 film.
The saddest thing was, I can't use this film for my Diana Mini :(
Oh well, will keep this film and perhaps I will buy another lomo camera in the future! :D

To find out go search their website :
And also their Twitter & Facebook

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