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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Mandy's 20th Birthday Bash!

Firstly, I really really apologise for all the HUGE inconvience. Being straight forward now. Something happened to my blog. If i'm not mistaken it was last year, i was trying to make a haitus post and went i clicked 'Publish" button. It didnt react. Second time I clicked, nothing happened again. LIKE NOTHING. SOMETHING IS SO WRONG WITH MY BLOG. :O
Kinda gives me a little panicked. Days went on and i was like; aiya, give up lah. It's dead anyways. So until now recently, i was so hooked with blogging that i really wished to tell my nice events happened to me. And eventually, i tried today and try to click the Publish button to see if it works; and it did! Blogging time! So hopefully my blog stays fine all the way!
Continuing to my post for today. My best friend's birthday - Mandy Lau! :) So excited for her! HEHEHEHEHE
I did went out with her on Tuesday to Midvalley. (for the sake for grabbing Topshop RM100 Free Voucher) and we're too late. =.= nvm.

Moving on, her birthday dinner with us!
Meet all my highschool babes again! Reunion again! yay!
Mandy was our driver of the day. :P I didnt went with them to Wondermilk; so sad. SOB SOB. Whatever.
She fetched me around 5pm sharp from my mom's place.

 US! :)

I did something kinda funny and sampat candid inside the car! hahaha

 #2 Dafuq is this? FAILED
 My nails. :)

Reached KLCC around 6 something and actually we are heading to Chili's but Mandy changed her mind to Ben's because of the private room they had. So crossed fingers hopefully get the room! So around 7pm we met Poh Yee (long time no see!) and we head to Ben's to wait if they have the room and at first, it was disappointed that they cant reserve for us, but finally that guy with yellow tie got the space reserved! :D Goodie!

Some pictures were taken by Mandy's DSLR.
Some are credits by me. HEHE.

 That picture should be after meal. Oops :P

Our delightful meal was served.
 I ordered Wild Mushroom Spaghetti.
 Erin ordered quiche with mushroom in it. I totally forgot the name.
Hui Sien ordered Mash Potato with beef
 Poh Yee ordered Seafood Spaghetti
 Finally, Mandy ordered her beef burger idkwhatthename
 She's drinking Mojito! Nice cocktail!
Got some earrings from the owner of Some Love Things , Hui Sien.

After meal,

It's card question time!

 It was a great fun asking lotsa questions and laughs too!

Mandy ordered a slice of cake, Rocky Road.


Took some group pictures :)

 Funny moments.
 It was perfect until you saw someone behind us. 0.0

 I don't know what we laughed. :D
 Lastly :)
I used the 10 seconds timer for my camera and i click shutter button and forgot to go back to my orginal seat and Mandy hurried me, and i'm just right on time :P
 Nice but too creamy.

We went to second round; ice-cream time!
We went to Haagen Dazs and we ordered Chocolate Fondue!

 See the thickness of the chocolate dipped with strawberry.
*saliva dropping*
 My all time favourite Strawberry flavour ever since I was a child!
 Bite on the outside and melts on your mouth.

 Using Hui Sien's Instax. :)

My little haul for this week.
 Buy 2 Free 1 from any accessories from Topshop.
I brought one earring and one set of ring; the moustache ring (its hanging on my nail polish) and free another earring!
& also a Blue Coral nail polish for RM 29.
Two pairs of beautiful earrings that I brought from Some Love Things
They sell lotsa beautiful earrings, rings and nice clothes too!
Go check it out!
Click the link now!

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