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Thursday, April 19, 2012


I'm happy at least I'm back on track blogging my daily stuff blah blah blah, so by any means I'm gonna start posting all about last year's special things happened ( not really special but for me is a yes :D) So back to the topic.

I had a uncle from ze America and lived there for the past 30 years? As I remembered.
And yeah, he married a American woman (who's my aunt now) and born a half asian half american girl - that's my cousin, Emily.
As far as I acknowledged that my dad nor any brothers had never contact ever since until one fine day....idk how he did but managed to contact my aunt and did try to video call each other on skype. Finally, made a decision to fly a 2 weeks vacation to Malaysia. First thoughts i was like.......i wonder how Emily look like. Will she be like those Americans that we watched on television? or maybe some girl from gossip girl or vampire diaries? dafuqdidijustsaid. 

Anyways, they took a 20 hour flight all the way to Malaysia (and idk where did they stop by) and they came around December right after I was still on going a school club holiday trip at Langkawi.

Emily. :)
Huge difference when I took a picture with her.
Big eyes, me small eyes.
Tall nose, me medium tall nose.
Thicker lips, me thin lips.
Sharp chin, me round face.
I sudah kalah. LOL.

By the way, she's from a small town named Colorado in States. I wish I had a chance to visit them and go ze America!

AND SHE'S ONLY 13! I didn't know they look so mature! She look more like 18 or 17!
I guess maybe asians look too young. Good. HAHAHAHA!

During that time, my aunt organize a city tour for them and I'm the tour guide, crappy one. The driver didn't really bring them the whole KL but some major tourist attraction.

 HAHAHAHAHAHA. Here's the story.
The driver stopped us at Masjid Negara and we wanted to go in and all of a sudden a Malay lady around in her 50's stopped us and asked us to write our names on the book list and out of no where; pass me a tudung and I didn't know that anyone who wanted to visit the mosque need to wear that. Therefore, I declined the request and my cousin's family went on and they give me a stare of areyousurethisworkstome. So I waited at the entrance including my little cousins and my brother.They seem fascinated with the clothing that muslims wore and the architecture structure of the mosque. Emily look great in tudung :)

Did you realised my two cousin sister who is so far younger than me and I'm the eldest of the family and the shortest among all? T^T Why I'm so short? wtf 
Even Jonathan (who's wearing yellow shirt) is chasing my height, impossibruuuuuuu! 
*facing my face on the wall*

Oh, that was in Malacca! We did went for one day trip too to Malacca. I miss the Nyonya food there! *saliva dropping*

HAHA, I just randomly chose some pictures from my camera because my uncle who's holding my camera and take pictures most of the time and end up not nice pictures, very very blur!
We went to Penang, my hometown.
My uncle wanted to go back and visit grandpa and other relatives there.
 In Penang museum.


 Kek Lok Si Temple.
Wow, we seem photogenic here.
At our NG(伍) ancestor's temple.  
I always feel comfortable when I'm there. Perhaps the chinese dialect that we spoke; not hokkien, not hakka but Taisanese. I guess not much people talk this dialect except some people including me. It's different than other chinese dialects. Maybe I should blog about it soon but not int this post. Moving on...

Famous Cendol store in Penang. 

Koo Kongsi temple. 

Another on in Penang Museum. 

Came across looking form the album and I saw this picture I edited and this place is taken in Ipoh at a kopitiam restaurant while having lunch. 

 Emily loves football, not American football but football. OKAY, soccer. So I know how to kick some ballssss hahahaha (sound so wrong) I did went some fun with her and my brother including some other cousins. :)
Overall, it was a great pleasure to have her coming back to Malaysia and now I do miss her a lot. I hope she come back soon during her summer holidays! 


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