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Sunday, March 20, 2011


It's been 75849373837 days already and i never been updating them due to busy in my school life. :(
MY CNY POST....i wish to post but i dont have the prefect and long time for me to upload them and sometimes i hate it because my internet connection sucks like hell!
Oh whatever, i'll post it when i'm freeee :(
Lotsa things had passed and times files like a F1 car.

9 schools and SS gathering event just over recently with awesomeness and the hugeeee crowd of 2000++ people! :DDDD
(btw i should be in the photo but i failed to attend and ended up not going and i'msoregretrightnow) :( SAD CHIO.

VICLU one day camp justover too but that was before SS AND 9 schools gathering event la ;)

Another one was my school's cross country.
Held in Bandar Tasik Permaisuri :)
And i got 7th :D
because the total amount of people is super little thats why i got.
and they called my name Angeline instead of my real name and my accounts teacher wondering who the hell she is. :P HAHA.

One more picture to show you.

My fugly picture and thanks to some photographer that taken my fatness -.-


anyways, thanks alot. lol

Got to go SS and 9school dinner (chin gong yen) :)

Kays, cheerio.

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