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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Erien's 19th surprise birthday! :DDDD

Hey peeps i'm backkkkk :D

This is quite simple post for my lovely babe <3

So i dated with the girls that day at Pavilion :DDD

Without Erien's notice that we are going to celebrate her birthday. HOHOHOHO.

I reached there quite early and ended up go toliet make up LOLSSSSS.

When times up,


Everyone loves Redbox ; don't we?

Singing is agreat way to release stress for everyone :D

Oh ya the food there is better than Green box LOLS.

My lovely babe, Erien :D
Leng, Me and Hui sien :)

We gave her a surprise birthday song with SURPRISE birthday cupcake.

Sorry, we got no money to buy bigger cake XD

i guess this is good enough for you, right?

Strawberry shortcake ; if i'm not mistaken.

Making her wishes.


Singing with my favourite singer, Lee Hom. <3

Gorgeous. :)

Awesome picture taken from Hui Sien :D

Omigod, I'm beautiful. HAHAHAHAHA

Epic me. hahahahahahahaha

Soon, we meet Mandy Lau and we hangout for quite a while and we went to nom some ice-creamsssss :D

It's called Gelatoimo. :D

And we finally ordered Gelatoimo on the rock. WOOTS!

Amazingly taken by Hui Sien :)

It feels like making Roti Canai LOLS.

Time to NOM!


Our bracelet charms from Cotton On for only RM2.50!


Mine was love charm with brown string. :)

You know what?

Finally we got our very own smartphones :D

Hui sien and Mandy's was Blackberry Curve and ME IPHONEYYY! <3

HELLO KITTY THEMED. :D I felt like those bloggers posting about their smartphones with their friend's phones and i'm doing it too. LOL

Don't be sad , Leng!

you will have soon or later! :D

Finally took pictures with them cause it's time for me to say goodbye :,(

I think i gained weight again. -.-

I love pinching Mandy XD

To end my post lemme show you how they made Sticky :D

Long huh?


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