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Friday, March 11, 2011

#2 CNY 2011. Heritage times.


My final chinese new year post is out now!

Like finally.

Anyways, back to the topic.

*text message ringtone*



okay, i'm finally back now.HAHA

So,after our wonderful nights and trips to Cameron Highlands we moved on to Penang :D

Omigosh the greatest place in the world.

Good food, good place to stay.

The total paradise for the full package.

So before that, we pay a little visit to my granny's sister at Taiping. :)

She's a wonderful grandaunt :)

Her life was simple yet romantic.

Cause she got the lifetime partner that always care and loves her.

I really salute them :)

Grandaunt in the middle :)

Yay, back to the journey :)Cotton balls hairband :D
I was too bored and ended up camwhoring. :P

Woo, short hair. hahaa

Later i slept for a few hours ; thanks to the journey. And we stop by at iforgotwhereitis ; its somewhere before going to the Penang bridge and it is famous known as the beginning of the world.

And i heard the food is delicious. ;)

There's a small temple nearby the few famous restaurants.

Ohh i almost forgot, there's a lake hahaha :P

Sorry that i didn't managed to take the food because what's on my mind is to eat. -.-


Check in and tidur HAHAHA ;P

Next day ,

I'm wearing super simple outfit yet casual ;)

Going to eat noodles in some roadside coffee shop cause you never know there's good food ;D
Oh my geeeeeee, super duper cute and adorable doggie! <3

Super obedient :DDDD

when i took the picture, the owner keep staring at me -.- wtf.

We ate opposite to this shops.

Later, my auntie is interested to buy houses in Batu Ferringgi and wanted to find out some houses and houses are not cheap dey, it's costs few million.-.-

made me wait like so longggggg.UGH.

And i wanna go swimmingggggg! D;

Made me so bored like shit and i ended up taking some pictures and talking and teasing my brother and my cousin LOL.

Soon, we went to Georgetown to look like heritage places that my dad's relatives told him and by the way, we went to my dad's relative's house for bai nian :)

Some event going on yesterday.

Look at these places if feels back to the 50's.
Seriously, i love the feeling so much that you can feel you're back to the past. :D

Wahh this house like made of gold :D

Okay, it's mine. HAHAHA

My mum so cute lar :P

and that's hers just opposite my house. HAHAHA xD

Super cute little shop that taking photos is forbidden -.-


Everything is super adorable! <3

yeap, it's Armenian street :)

Black and white effect.

I like this picture ; very heritage :)

Later we wanted go some little shop cafe for a rest and we went to this coffee shop that super vintage lor. :)
And i forgot the name -.-

Oh ya, the owner is a caucasian :)

He's a friendly man and randomly talks to my auntie about the house and it looks like my auntie wants to buy these these shops for investment but noe it costs very pricey that a few million -.-

About that man, he married a indian women and they stayed at Malaysia and they did open a business for hotels and coffee shops :)

my english is rusted already. -.- fml.

so long never blog ady.

LOL. my cousin pull that thingy and suddenly it sherik with sirens!

Scared the hell out off me.

I thought some japs soldiers is coming -.-" HAHA.

Saw the couple put there?

There are taking photos for their wedding collection :)

I also want to take that in the future :)

Soon, we nom nom with some awesome food :D

then we go to Gurney Drive (omg, i think so hard where the hell the place is -.-)

My brother brought some firecrackers and we played :D

Trying to write some LOVE :D

Oops blur picture lol.

that's the end of the night lol.

The next following day :D



Showing you now XD

Bearbrick rolling stone :)

"Welcome back my friends, the show that never ends."

The lightings above me! :D

awesome huh?

Complimentary drinks for the welcoming :DDDD

HI !

and back to the journey! :)

Hungry family wants to hunt some food, so we eat char kuey teowww!

Best char kuey teow ever!


Night at Hard Rock.

Why face like that? -.-

Heading to our rooms and enjoy our night :)

In front of Hard Rock cafe , there's a Micheal Jackson's statue.

Idk why am i pointing him? -.-

My cousin puts a hat on his head HAHAHA


Lazy day me and Mr Jonathan heading to the beach <3

To play sandcastle lol

Epic failed.

I love the breeze! :D

Mr Jonathan enjoyed too :)

He's happy today :D

Camwhore mood on :D

My cousin take a picture of me! :)

My piggy face HAHA.

I like this shot! :D

back to lobby lol.
The beatles :D

He likes this guitar! lol

Famous people with famous costumes.

Last day before going back to the city T^T

we went a visit to Hock Teik Cheng Sin temple where belongs to Koo kongsi.

You know what? im lazy to blog ady and i'll just show you the pictures because

" a picture speak a thousand words"


i'm so touched because i finally posted all of them T^T lols

Toodles. :)

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