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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Welcoming the cute, adorable rabbit to the new year!

It's been a while while i'm busy with CNY holidays with internet, no way! ( i know)
And also busy with intervention exams this week, just finish yesterday! :D
#before the new year starts, before the clock strike at 12.
Putting up the flying lanterns (called 孔明灯)
Something like you wish for something and maybe it will come true.
Yeah, me in pyjamas. hoho
#1st day of CNY.
Morning world, will be having a great day! :)
HAI, it's me in new year clothes eventhough it's not red or cheongsam etc etc
Still in a sleeping face. wtf
My outfit for the day
top- granny brought from China (looks like some unwanted clothes)
Pants- some shop in Fahrenheit 88
oxford shoes- Beijing
Cath Kidston Bag- Beijing
Hat- F block (that's freaking RM10!!!!)
Got in the car and dad drove us up to my mummy's hometown in Jelebu, Kuala Klawang.
Somewhere in Negeri Sembilan.
We having a great time there! :D
Funny families!

My two elder cousins! :D
Left cousin just came back from London for holidays
Right still in KL haahaha :P

With all my female cousinsssss! :)
IDK why i look so happy like a lark! =__=
Suddenly wanna strike a pose on the rabbit headband and we also come and take some funneh pictures! :P
LOL, carrots!

Trying to posing like those teenagers who is still in puberty haha
just joking :P

Last picture before going to Cameron Highlands.
*Credits to Hao Xian*

Taken from my pinky polaroid. :)
Another film to add on my hanging films :D
We went to Cameron Highlands around 9pm, check in at Heritage Hotel for 2 Days 1 Night and had a good night sleep :)
# 2th day of CNY
Woke up early and had suppilmentary breakfast for family (us)
My outfit of the day
Long sleeve top - my aunt brought at Uniqlo in Beijing and it does match my taste! :)
Pants- same like yesterday (smelly? no.)
socks- mum's cause it's freaking cold that day.
Bag -Cath Kidston
Shoe- My old red Converse turn into faded red.

Got vintage feel :)

FOOD! muahahaha
I love the bacon SOOOOOO MUCH!
and also the potatoes :DDDDDD
Wanna get closer with the juicy and mouth-watering bacon?

OMFG. Damn appetizing!
Are you hungry now? XD
See how my cousin eat his bacon.

Even the bacon juice on his mouth XD
First must have a visit to the temple everytime we go! :)
Dragon welcomes you! :)

#take 1
Flowers blooms everywhere! :D
#take 2

#take 3

#take 4

#take 5

He's wearing my straw hat and he's got the white Bruno Mars feel, that's what he says.
Hi cubby face he has, that hand was my brother.
Hi this is mua's car :P
spotted INSIDE the temple, can you believe it?
imagine a sami owns that, hahahaa.
and it reminds me of the book title, a monk who owns a Ferrari.
-Next, we are going to bazaar where they sells food, souviners like those night market.
I don't have a slightest idea what is brother doing with my camera ==
While we're walking through the market and i saw chocolate dipped with strawberry shop!
I was like " weeeeeiiiiiii, i want chocolate strawberryyyyyy!"
then my dad brought quite lot!
Melted chocolate with strawberry, yummy!
#take 1
My brother took the picture of my eating ==
#Take 2
Juicy strawberry popsicle! :DDD
Yummy corn, by eating them fresh!
My brother and my cousin.
Camwhore with my granny's Ray ban's.
Didn't expected she have that.
Next, to the BOH tea factory!
yeah, you will see this all over the mountains.

I have gain weight T^T

IDK why i have to do this but my brother say like we are falling or taking off the letters ==
Stalk my cousin at the toilet. HAHAHA
By this! got holes.
Then my parents and auntie buying boh's products, i thought a idea by taking jumpshot! :D
Yeah, i'm blaming him of making me embrassed :P
My cousin is happy as a lark! :D

My cousin is lazy like a pig now hahaha
Then, i saw this nice background with red, black and white.
I think this is a nice spot for doing jumpshot :D
#take 1 - perfection
#take 2 -my brother looks horny and my cousin looks like crying haha
#take 3-blur.
#take 4- my mouth is too wide =-=

#take 5- phailed.

#take 6 - worse.
#take 7 - i got kicked by my mum that i look like screaming. wtf
I got same confused and stunned pictures of him.
Me, phailed.
My auntie taken to far. =__=

My cousin beh song my camera :P
We ordered for teatime :)
Melted choclate cake, i does.
But it doesn't taste nice.

Chicken Mushroom pie, oklah.

Half nom scone.

We have the same shoe brand.
Blue is jonathan
me and brother had the same one except with my old and his new.
My ring with my Cath Kidston sling bag.

My big bling bling ring from F Block ;)

The nice view on top.

My mum in action.
Jumpshot Part 2.
#take 1
#take 2

#take 3- failed.
#take 4- got it!
idk, why i'm holding his arm ==
Me and my brother
#take 5- failed again
Sudden 0.0

#take 6- got that!

Tea truck.
then evening we have a nice hot steamboat dinner and went to the night market.
My brother took it cause he saw many people taking it with their iphones and dslr. wtf
I didn't take much buy i do take the awesome, juicy, delicious and tantazling strawberries! :D

next post ; to Penang island! <3
Stay tuned.

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