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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Welcome to Beijing ; Part 1 #

Sorry for the haitus.
I've already have uploaded those pictures but never have the real time to have myself clam and type this post.
Oh well,
I shall start my bloggie now :)

As always i'm sooooooo excited going to Beijing :D. It's been 3 years ago ever since. Due to exams examssss SPM that bothers me not to go. =_______="

At last, i can travel back there! :)

Brought my bit bit go Beijing and my dad said i'm childish enough haha
Mua's luggage is like so biggggggggg due to homeworks that i brought =__="
During check in,

My brother's request for that =="
I guess the lady that helps us check in thinks that i'm lame =___="

He hated it so much and he threw!


Then we went into the plane around midnight and i started doing my homework while the plane is flying.

And there's a werido girl that trying to speak english like those british people and you know what?
And she's so annoying that tried to make me so uncomfortable and she's like the worse bookworm EVER!
Failed again! BOOHOO!

My breakfast at 4 am in the morning.

Burger and sandwich with some pickles.
Not pickles! D:
Oh well, continued my homework and i slept aroung few hours and woke up and watched Ip man and not long we finally reached to our destination! :)

We reached at Beijing around 7 in the morning and

we dropped the plane and i saw granny and "sifu"- means driver.

We're here!
Oh ya, i forgot i clamied that me, mus bro, cuzzie and mummy followed too! :)

It was really cold!
I can almost see my breath flew around!
It's like a mricale for me. =_="
And rabbit says HI in camera!

On the way to Embassy House.
At gardens and parks there, i saw lotsa old granny and grandpa's doing tai chi.

RMB 2.00 perkm means RM1 lol
Cheap what.

Finally i reached my aunt's service apartment!
Ohh it was luxury. :D
Reached 'home' and dropped my bags and started holding my camera for amazing shots at home :D
2 big boogie eyed fish, looks like painting, eh?
It's real btw!

you know what i meant. (i know, i'm mean)
My mum love taking with orchids LOL

Macroni cheese with bacon to start my day at Beijing!
Later my granny wanna go Carrefour to buy some groceries for tonight's dinner.
so we followed her and sifu drove us there.
He parked the opposite site and we crossed the bridge.

Crossing the bridge with frozzing feet.
seriously yes!
It was windy and dry and COLDDDDDDD! D:
Glaring sunlight.

Carrefour LOL
I didn't took what is inside cuz everything looks the same!
Except with pork. lol

Done with groceries :D

Mum and granny.


Beijing's pasar pagi.

Everything is so different, of course.
Later granny took us to Ladies street to shop some stuff.
Most of them are furnitures and decorations of the season : now is Christmas, of course.
most of them are decos and plants.

Adorable reindeer!
When i saw it when i pass through some stores.
And beside it there's something real. Before i go, i was that dog real?
I try to touch and it was hard.
Ok, it's fake.LOL

newspaper store in every street.

Second day.

My mum look forward to go temple temple and temple, yawns.
We went there from embassy house to there around an hour.
I spotted fat cats with fluffy fur!


Hand-crafted statue.
yes, i'm shrivering. It's so cold out there. :(

So white and fluffy!
i want to touch it but granny said it's not hygiene.

Climbing up to the temple.

An ancient temple as you can see.
Oh there's a believe when you walk around the pagoda about 7 times, make a wish , you'll get good luck and maybe your wishes may come true! :)

Looks cute that house x)

Another kitty meow~

Cute! X)

Long and silky fur~
Oh when i was entertain this little kitty, my mum called me for a sec and later when i returned, she's gone! she a godess's cat or something?

Mum and granny that wears like russian.

China road-side games where kids get annoyed in the temple and there you go, lame-games.
Later we went to Lama temple,
I didn't went in because i'm too exhausted with the weather and tired after climbing to the temple and i went in before long long ago..
And my mum went in she took some pictures OKAY, i guess....

The largest buddha in China as i remembered.

Dunno what's that for.

That's all.
The next day, granny bring me and mum to dry market and my mum go do her scrub nearby.
Sat taxi because my aunt's car is been hold for one day due to population cars in Beijing, means too much cars much be controlled the traffic.

A lott of granny and granpa there.

A cheap place where people did their manicure and pedicures that only costs RM10 or less!

A small shop in Beijing.

Done , later come back home and do NOTHING XD
Nah, went downstairs with cuzzie to have teatime and go to the playground.

BIG KICK for you!

Shy in camera. :P

I love my cousin brother's sweater! <3
It was his international school sweater that i stole and wear it.hehehehe
His school called YCIS. (Yew Chung International School of Beijing)
Wind interruped. :P
That's all for part one.
There's lots to go! :)
Till then , toodles.
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