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Saturday, November 6, 2010

Pulau Pangkor 3Days 2Nights.


Well, i shall start with my baby Rilakkuma's photo.
Ok, start blogging now.
#29th October 2010#
The day we start our journey to Pulau Pangkor.
Mummy fetched to school and i had alots of luggages to bring there- feels like moving another house. LOL.
When there early to celebrate her 18th Birthday and its our babe, CHLOE! :D
I felt she's orange , so i put orange colour :P
Our wonderful messages to her! :)

We gave a huge surprise at L6BM, she was quite surprise and she started tearing.
Awwwwwwww :)
I guess she's touched, hehe. :)
Brought her a delicious "Black Forest"
With red juicy cherry on top HOHOHOHO.
Looks formal there.
Like taking graduation photo LOL.
Oh Cinnamonn 32 interruped. :p
Soon we went to the VI bus and hurried taking the last photo. :D
And we had a great angle and it's just right when the bus when in XD
Farewell, sum yee and Michelle yee! :')
Later, sat with Miss Siew Mee and camwhore some photos with her.
Look at my photos see who's that snoring bear :P
Rilakkuma says OHAI again :)
Boring on the way, so i started taking pictures randomly.
Everyone is sleeping on the way to Lumut.
WEEE, i brought snacks including cup noodles! :D
Midnight snacks! weeeeeee~
Then we stopped by at a Indian mamak store and ate lunch :)
What's so eye-catching is the maggi mee packages are placed in bunch of it! :D
Then we continued our journey :)
OH,Bunny in action says HI :)
We finally reached at the jetty to Pulau Pangkor!
While waiting for teachers to buy ferry ticket, we went camwhore again hahaha.

My class :D
Later we moved in to the ferry :)

We were stucked and squeessed with our luggages in side the ferry. :/
We finally reached at Pulau Pangkor ferry! And we sat PINK VAN!!!!!!!!!
i guess people of Pulau Pangkor loves PINK! WOOHOO!
The road was so narrow and we go like ups and downs.
and like woah~ and woah~ and finally reached to RAUDHAH CAMP.
Thw place is quite ulu :/ forest.
Nevermind haha. we camwhore AGAIN XD

We went there, got lectured, made our own tent and took pictures of fipper family XD
Worse of all is bath!
So much public man.
#30th October 2010#
We went for snorkelling and kayaking! :D
I didnt manage to take photos due to teacher won't responsible for taking care of our things, so ended up didnt bring and the beach was beautiful once we kayaked to Coral Island.
Oh ya, we did kayaked to Selat Melaka! XD
That time we were in the middle of the ocean!
Excited and afraid too that me and siew mee's kayak may turn upside down and float in the ocean and waited for the sharks to NOM US == rofl.
What a imagination.
Soon, we went back soaked and bathed rigously to avoid traffic people are bathing.
Later we ate lunch - it was delicious!
And teacher gives us time to have some nap or anything to do.
Then we have permissoned by teacher to go out to the town to hunt some things and FOOD!
While on the way, we saw many tourists surrounded something and.....
Look! what's that!

Aren't hornbills surpposed to be at Sarawak? LOL.
Nah, we run cause we afraid it may shit on us or something HAHA
Bajet chin, lol Maruman. =-=
I saw this billboard that says "WHY PAY MORE? WE HAVE IT ALL!"
*Thinking dirty* XD
It's late and dawn so we went back to our camps and have dinner.
Chicken rice is what we have for that night's dinner.

Later another surprise for CHLOE!
yes, she cried again XD
How kind teachers brought her a brithday cake :D
Some of them are watching football match at rtm 1 ==
I heard something like " KELANTAN MENANG! YEAH!"
They were so enthusisactic till i managed to took the picture of them easily XD
Until like 12AM, still and cheered till we exhausted like hell and he called us to have blindfold game that leader must leads the anak buah.LOL
It sounds scary to play during the midnight, but teacher wants us to play LOL
We obey some rules of playing then during midnight like people who have fringe must cliped up and etc etc.....
and we played till 2.00AM and Yee wen became the first victim of leeches.
We woke up at 6.ooam @@
Tired giler, ouch my backache hurts!
We have to do morning excersie and i was like wanted to die ady cause don't have enough sleep and stamina @@
Lastly, we ate breakfast and at least i got my stamina back thanks to the water that they offered that is too sweet!
good what, got glucose leh!
Always beh song punya kuching.
Always manja and if you scold that cat she will stare at you eeriely.LOL
And Soraya started saying " Takade kuching kat KL ke? " ROFL.
So we bathed in the morning at packed our bags and "destroyed" the camp.
And we finally got into the PINK VAN again HEHEHEHEHE.
The driver bring us quite some places.
1# the factory where we eat fish snacks.
2#Buddisht temple.
3# some kubu places where Belanda blah blah blah *means i forgot*

Then we went to Lumut to get some cheaper fish snacks and i brought almost RM30!
and we went back to VI around 11pm.
Then my dad bring me to eat beef noodles behind Bukit Bintang and Michelle Yip also said it was delicious! :D
that's the journey we had :)
So long, toodles peeps!

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