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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Fusion Excel Achievers Recognition Dinner.

I'm terribly sorry for the delayeddd post, been a busy girl since being a form 6 student LOL.
Of course, I make my promise to post this :D

Venue at Malaysia Agro Exposition Park Serdang located at UPM.

Well, i'm the photographer of the night- for my mum only LOL.
Had a wonderful opportunity to meet PCK in real- not on TV.
He's been a hilarious man that jumps around here and there.
Making funniest jokes HAHA.

He's a comedian, actor , host and a SINGER TOO!
He got a melodic voice too!

Ended up taking picture that can see only my head =__=
Bloddy shit, who's that woman i front?
I thought is someone i knew, but an shorty auntie.
What an embrassement!

Foremost, i would like to thank Miss Carolyn Tay giving me a 10 minute makeup HAHA

yeah, magic hands. LOL.

Till i camwhore like mad. HAHA.

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