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Saturday, September 25, 2010

When I Miss you, I re-read our old conversations and smile.

Time really filessssss.
Or maybe i'm just lazy to update my blog hahas.
but i just love to spend my time with all of my lovely pals. :)

18 September 2010
9 schools Mid-autumn festival.
One word to be explained : awesome.
But busy tho, still enjoyed it :D
I just love my 9 school friends and hope to know them more. :)
22 September 2010
Just resting at home :)
Enjoyed playing paper lantern and candlessss.
Watching th big full moon, reminds me of eclipse.LOL
13 September 2010.
After attending 9 school meeting, we headed to Jusco Maluri and we ate dessert at a dessert shop.
Never excepted to be sooo mouth-watering! :D
I ordered strawberry lolo and mandy and michelle (reminds me of M&M) lol
Credits to Mandy yeo.
Taking my picture while eating.LOLOLOLOL
Go tryyyyyy, NAISSSSS. :D
This is what i got for my birthday gifts.
Courtesy from Carolyn and Mandy.
Celebrated mine and michelle's birthday at Wong Kok, Pavilion.
I want to upload them but carolyn didnt sent it to me =="
Aparately, they brought both of us abox of chocolate cake that is like the most delicious cake of all cakes.
and a cute gingerbread from Delectable. :D
Never execpted to be zomg nice, again.
Damn, i have gained weight.
White baby Rilakkuma from My dear chelle. :)
and a cute purse from my brother. ( stunned?)
Nope, i forced him to :P
My giftsss from my fellow babes :D
Hui sien gave me a box of chocolates, lolipop and a cute notebook wrapped with cloth.
So damn vintage :)
Mandy got me a rubi scraf from Cotton on.
Sooooo soft.
Now i used them to sleep HAHA.
Janice got me lotsa paper clipssss haha.
She knew i love it LOL.
32,wei inn and chloe got me, a Hello Kitty desk fan.
For me to used us during class.
Because they always heard me complaining the heat in my class, no fan under me :(
The first day i brought to school, it attracts everyone in my class.LOL
Even my teachers ;)
Erin got me ribbon clips from F21 and a boxes of yogurt mask :D
and talking about yogurt mask...
I tried.
I only tried the kiwi flavoured.
It doesnt have any scent.
and it's sticky.
Well, the outcome i got after i put it in 10 mins.
My face got brighter and whiter.
And that's not bad :)
Oh ya, it's from Etude House.
Go try it, maybe it's good for you. :)
Introduced you the story of 2 bears and a monster.
Well, just read the captions on my picture.

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