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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Today i dreamed ; so dejawu.

Today also got school =_="
And i have to go due to econs teacher wanted to finish the chapter, better come lah right?
Woke up at 6am then sleep untillllllllll 6.30?!
Late again, speed my car to the max to fetch michelle.
Sorryyyyyyy T^T
13 people in my class came today, not bad.
After recess we are freeeee :D
Doing homework...

This is my table LOL.
Wait let me refresh what i learn to day........erm....
oh ya, diskriminasi harga. :)
or price discrimination.
My stuff is like to invade the whole table till....
Taken the next table.LOL
what a day.
So we takeeeee pictureeeeeeeesssss :D
My friends, only 5 of us came.

Cant see chloe, hahas.

Leng lui 32 :D

Weird picture i got there.
Chloe want to sleep at the corner.LOL.
so i teased her :P

Too many pictures to upload and lazy :P
There you go :D
Oh, someone just told me im photogenic LOL.
ok, post some old eventsssss soon.

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