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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

My first visit.

Yesterday,my mum decided to bring me Chinese Library nearby Petaling Street for the first time.
When i was little, i always speak out when my parent's car came across that place.
"Oh,it's a temple,dad."
"No lah,it's a chinese library,there's a lots of books there too."
wth? really anot? it's obviously a temple lah,can see the architecture of the buliding.
To know my curiousity since i was a little kid, my mum said," why don't we check it out?"
(cause my mum is not orang kuala lumpur but Negeri Sembilan)
I was like," sure,not a problem! :)"
By the way,i saw ATC college and i was like "oh,no wonder April Tan said it is nearby VI."
Lotsa angmohs(cancausian) at there too.
I was excited to see what's it's look like.
Once i stepped in the huge corrider,i was like,
I think i kena conned.
I think my dad too.
Because of the a word book is added to the sentence of the venue in mandarin.
No wonder lah.
Went in not until 10 minutes and we walk off.
Just went in and give a bow of the respect of the ansectors.
They're not MY ansectors.
They are Chan's.
Anyways,i know the history of the this temple.
Do you? No?
Go find yourself. :p

I just wanted to take a picture at the corridor and i ter-snapped my mum also.I told my mum, "Mum you blocked my view,got you in my picture lahh."

My mum was like,"Really? I want to see....."

LOL."i delete dy lah."(i lied) ==

She's so clever and stand infront of the corrider and i was like" nevermind,lol"

Ohhhh,before that i visited my upcoming school next week.
As i say i will be visiting my form 6 school (Victoria Instituitions)
This is really my first time.
I was too overwelmed and WOAH,I'm so lucky to be here.
I asked and walk around the school.
Quite a cultural and historial school (obviously)
The bulidings are very British-style. (Outside only)
The field was bigger than mine old school :)
Well,can say twice bigger than SMKSBS.
I guess i might be lost in the humongous school.
The form 6 buliding feels very isolated to the other blocks. (my opinion)
Maybe it's new ,few years ago.
Good enough, juniors won't disturb the seniors.LOL.
Excitedly,i going to that school next week.
Hell yeah.
Sorry i didn't have a chance i take photos due to the woah thingy.
I grabbed those from the school website.
Feel free to check it out.

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  1. lol... nice to being fooled by that chinese library. :D



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