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Sunday, May 16, 2010


Drove out to fetch Michelle Lee.
Went to the parking at the orange buliding.
Wen to turn my stering in, the gate closes.
I was like, " WHAT??? Why no one tell us???"
The all the way i turn ONE BIG U-TURN.
Mafan. Pft.
In the end, parked at the main gate.
Some of my friends who is true vic says, it's only for VIOBA
(Victoria Institution Old Boys Association)
Okayy, confusing.
Reached there, it seems my class has the most people who came! :D
Even Uma and Russell and Eng leong joined us. :)
Later, help my L6A1 to decorate with crest papers onto the boards.
Not long, "Lack of paper", Mandy says.
Puan Nancy went in too.
Then we planned to buy at Popular nearby at Petaling Street while we discuss what to eat.==
We suggested Mcdonalds.
Aiyo, today no discount lah.
Ended up, ta pau at Chicken rice shop. ==
Of course, use my car lah.
Mandy drive at first then going back is my turn.
Then wait for Popular to open around 10am.
Ps: saw lots of upper sixes.
Decide and brought.
By the time, we reached is about 11am something.
Ate continue our jobs, mostly chatting.ROFL.
Hahahahahahahaha.lazy to tell the full story.

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