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Monday, May 10, 2010

First day orientation in SMKVI.

Woke up in a late morning.
Rush myself to dress and brush my teeth.
Eat breakfast in speed way and my mum drove out to Kuala Lumpur.
I hope there's no traffic jam.

Ironicially, it is THAT JAMMMMMMM.
Time kept ticking.
Cross my fingers ,hopefully could make it on time.
Reached there JUST NICE.
Phew,Thank god.
Then i registered and i told my mum to go home cause maybe today's orientation will be kinda long period.
I gave all the photostated papers.
And my IC too.
The reception was one of my former SBS.
She gave me this.
Click the picture to see larger.
Then the orientation starts with Encik Mazlan's speech.
My old school's teacher.( penolong kanan)
Quite delighted to see him as the principle of VI.
He did mention about SMKSBS. (glory strikes ,proud to be sbs-ians)
The proceed to another teacher, Ms Nancy.
She's a discipline teacher and a economi teacher too.
Explains about the school rules and regulation.
Blah blah blah.
Then,the subject teachers ,so on and so fourth.
Oh the orientation was just OKAY.
I only have two choices to make cause i'm originally from kemanusiaan (arts stream)
Package A
Pengajian am
Package B
Pengajian am
Bahasa Melayu
First thoughts came to mind,i was like,
" i'm don't even know anything about accounts and economics!"
But i hate sejarah!!!!! :(
I felt like telling the teacher to drop Sejarah and replace Seni Visual (way better)
So which package should i take for the sake of going local university?
By the way, they don't call form 6,it's Pre-U.
LOL. Our target is to procceed studying at local university,says one of the teachers.
Later went to Pavilion and had lunch then fetch michelle to Leisure mall.
Not long,when to Zhi yuen's house to take something (cause she's my cousin)
She was like,"Nice bag."
I was like," You mean my uniform? :P"
She reply,"Ughhhhh,NO WAY."
Skip to this topic to discuss my mum later.
By the way,I'm going to driving to school, YAY!
Tomorrow have to fetch Michelle Yee too.
Haha,at least got partner. :)
AND have to wake up early like before. (5:30 am) T^T
Cause school starts at 7:15am.


  1. good luck in form 6! must study hard oh!

  2. Another exciting experience in study, hope u will do the best!

  3. wah..geng aa, really know how to drive liao wo..hehe



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