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Sunday, April 4, 2010

Paint my nails to a variety of colours.

10 April 2010.
Jia ying dated me to watch "Beauty on Duty", that's in cantonese movie.
Very funny and hilarious!
Especially Ah Sa with her sampat-ness :)
I'll give that movie : 8/10
The ending of the movie is a bit boring though,seriously.

After watching movie, we walked to down with an escalator and we were attracted by a lady giving flyers with a paper says
She did invited us.
I was like, "seriously?"
Only do it on ONE FINGER. LOL
But it's still free,right?
I glance at Jia Ying and i told her "come lah!"
She's a bit shy for doing it but still did it ,in the end. :)
I present you, nail art manicure :D
By the way, it's from Snips.
Nice? :)
The black rose filled with pretty giltters is Jia Ying's
and The leopard print with gold beads was mine, of course.
Yay, satisfaction!
I guess, i can do it myself my cheat one :) (courtesy from Chessie)
It seems pretty easy.
Well, as one says: You never try, you never know :)

So we went to Sakae Sushi for sushi , of course.LOL
While we was eating, i was very cautious about my very first-manicure like something might fades or something.
And i heard something dropped (my ear sense were very sharp, sometimes.)
OMFG, my gold beads dropped!
So we go back to the place after our lunch,and ask to put it back.
So that lady did,but that was another girl.
She replace it with green ones.It's kinda odd though.
My greedy-ness approached my mind.
I ask that lady, "Can i do it another one?"
"Yeah. okay.." She replied.
I did once again.
I like this!!
This pattern represents the lady type while the leopard one represents the sophisticated type.
But i still like it. :)
After a few days, their white beads doesn't dropped off.
While then, the leopard one.......EVERYTHING fall off.
I did told my mum about it, she told me that it depends of the quality of their handcraft.
I guess is true.

Since,i didn't post for a long time.
So i will share with you, my favourite food :)
My crave, Japanese snacks!

White Marshmallow! :D
Sorry, i corrupted the picture with a sketch panda on it. :P
I brought during Japanese Food Fair at Times Square.
*nom nom*

Brought at 100 Yen.
1.Calbee BBQ snacks.
2.Prawn crackers
3.Wasabi Potato Chip with Beef flavour
4.Meji's Black Chocolate (my favourite!)
3.Wheat Puff Chocolate.

More for more post.


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