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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

My Favourite Sport.

When someone asked a malaysian, "What's your favourite sport?"
They mostly replied, "Badminton"
"Malaysia Glory"

Too many people interested in that sport although is a glory for my country.
But I'm different.
I love TENNIS.

Sorry,maybe i'm a noob in kid's level :P

Gives more stamina , adrenaline and energy boost,
and losing weight :)

Although i'm not a sporty or active person who always goes like once a week or month.
But i still love to play sports.
I did involved in joining the Tennis club in High school ;)
Playing every Thursday noon around 2.30pm till 5pm with my schoolmates.
But didn't join any competition for my school.
That period of time, i don't think i get enough satisfaction of playing.
I need in the least of 4 or 5 hours, and no hot sunshine cause it is HOT LIKE HELL.

When i was little,i can't even differentiate badminton and tennis
because they are almost the same.
Just hit and hit and hit and fall.
However,i only know the difference of the racquet, ball and everything when i was in primary.

I was first discovered to play tennis since I was standard 6.
When i was staying at my auntie's apartment in Jakarta,Indonesia.
Just to kill my boredom time there about an month.
I was trained by a Indonesian coach, almost everyday or once a week.
So that game become my favourite sport.
I was a clumsy tennis player before learning tennis.
But i still can handle that :)
Eventually,i got my very first racquet brand : Prince.
Thanks to my auntie and a tennis shoes as a gift. :)
Because buying sport stuff in Jakarta is quite affordable.
But now, don't even know why it gone to,somewhere at my house. :)
I wonder where it go...
Sometimes, i usually use my dad's Dunlop Tennis racquet for my school curiculum.

Nobody likes that sport.
Mostly people thinks that it's only for wealthy people to play.
But i don't think so.
I'm not rich, but i still play that sport :)
I guess people think is the matter of money.

You don't need to be famous like Roger Federer.
All you need is confidence.
That's all.
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Adidas Action 3
and supported by P1 and MAS.

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