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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Mandy's 18th Birthday! :D

Sorry for the haitus.
Thanks to streamyx that made me delayed to post this.
I had been calling them operator for weeks.
Damn,no techician came.
Back to the topic.
Mandy invited us for her birthday outing.
Surppose to be on Sunway,unfortunately many of us not be able to come due to the distance.
And my mum have no idea how to go ==
So in the end, she planned us to go KLCC.
Well, that will be fine. :)
I reached quite early and meet hui sien- she's the earliest of them all.LOL
Then she accompanied me to Kinokuniya to buy some japanese magsss.
Omg,i tell you the place is heaven.
Full of magezines with free bagssssss :D so i brought one :)
Later, we head to San Francisco coffee and we both share La latte while waiting for the two lenglui's.
Finally they reached and we sat for a while and giving her presents.

See? everyone sooooo happy :)
Even the birthday girl :D
Later we brought movie tickets and mandy thought of missing something....
Her scarf!!
I accompained her to find her scarf ,too bad it's gone :(
We finally decided and brought movie tickets-Date Night.
We shop for a while at Istean.
But it's time for hui sien to go, she got a date :D
We takes pictures....
Wait where's the pictures?????
OMG,i forgot again == sorry...
anyway,it's a group picture.
But i got this! :)
Left we trio and we head in to the cinema and watched.
Funny movie.
There for i give :8/10 :)
I like this part : "For the love of god sake,can you please put that shirt on." LOL
"Zip your vagina!" "He mean your face" LOL LOL.

Stomach groans.Time for food.
We choose "the apartment" restaurant.
The scenery was nice,peaceful and quite :)
I love that.
Just three of us.
We ordered ,while waiting...
we camwhore! :D
Too many pictures, nice :)

Food came infront of us.
Smiles on our face :)

I ordered Chicken and mushroom pasta
Erin ordered Andrew's pasta
and lastly, mandy got her Jamie's pasta.
Nom nom nom nom nom nom.
Finally,we fill up our tummies.
Sorry me hate that vege and cherry tomatoes.
The pasta was okay but a little too oliy.
Worse, mandy did finish them she hate those pine nuts!!
And it's time for.....
I forgot the name again ==
But still quite la but too sweet.
Pay bills and gone.
While Mandy asking is there any vacancy for that restaurant.
While Mandy writing the application,we take picturess once again :)
We hurry to Sky Bridge couse we were super late!!!!
It's not validdddd?????
The reception call us to wait at the exhibition if there's any cancelation.
We wait and we beh tahan and we gonna tell her that we gonna leave.
But the reception let us in 0.0 odd now.LOL
But nvm,we just follow in with given tags and scanning our bags for checking??
Excately like in airport.LOL
Went in lift and we finally reached the so called,"Sky Bridge"
Seriously,it's just a bridge.
Okay lah,Malaysia boleh. :)

There's this a group of Australian follow us up too.
We saw a little cute cubby baby.
Sunshine baby.
When i laughed,he laughed too! :D
Awww,such a sweetie!
We kept giving good compliments to his dad on him and we took a picture of that baby LOL
Cute right?
He's name is Mike :)
Then,almost 5pm.
Mandy got to go for her date with her boy friend
I go to go too and Erin.
Finally,at home rest in peace :)
I kept giving my mum to see that cute baby :)
Things of the day i brought.
Japanese snacks at Istean Japanese Food Fair.
Magazines of hair -for my mum and fashion with a free tote from Jill Stuart :)
My wearnesday of the day :)
Go check out here.
On Missy clumsy shopaholic post.
I'm clumsy :)
Till then here.

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