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Friday, April 30, 2010

Life is like that.♥

Baby Minnie Mouse says : I want to eat Java Chip Frappuccino ice-cream!
Me: oh no, you don't.
I guess every person lives are cherished and protected.
Sometimes we never notice ; because it's not infront of our eyes.
Even somedays are dooms day for us.
Not only me met lotsa obstacles ; you either.

Yes or no.
We must be strong to live for the rest of our lives.
Eventhough it's tough.
I cried and woke up ended up nothing happen the next day.
Unfortunately,my heart doesn't fade my terrible incident away.
I hate you ;but sometimes I love you too.

Forgiving is the best cure to be friends with the people you hated.
So my friend,i forgive you. :)
can we be friends?
Whatever good or bad.
Let's be optimistic.
So that the devil would envy our greatness of life.
Thank you life.


Picture credits: eloquenthearts.

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