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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Cousins Gathering, 25th March 2010 ♥

Sorry for the super delay of this post. :)

We crave for the-most-delicious food ever,so...
Pei Wen planned us to have dinner at Zanmai, The Gardens.
And she's the driver of the night too!
We had a fabulous dinner, japanese foood!
Sorry,didn't recommend to you guys.
But my comment can be acceptable: it's delicious,seriously!
Always have to queue to go in.
Luckily, Zhi Yuen booked them,otherwise we gonna stand for that whole hour?
No way!
Sampat Zhi Yuen,testing to take my photos after our dinner.
Sorry,for my fugly-ness . :)
But i like the drinking green tea shot :)

She wanted to take picture too! :D
While Pei wen pay the dinner of us :)
She neglected to take a picture of us due to her congenital defect. LOL
Yeah,copy from her sentence from facebook :)
Lastly we two evil grins ;)
Force her to take picture with two of us. :)
nyek nyek! :P

I don't see any congential effect :D
She looks like a star :)
She did complain about our clothing.
She thinks we over-wear LOL
In the otherhand, she wore too casual.

Later we fly all the way to


Damn,love this picture of trio! :D
So chio!
(thanks to xia xue)

Just to come here,we ordered

Brownies with melted dark chocolate and vanilla ice-cream topping :D
Do you see forks invading onto the delicious dessert ever?

Another attracted my eye with beautiful berries :)

Not regret eating them!
The appearence looks like a normal birthday cake,like we used to eat.
But it's not!
The layers of the cake are made from egg only!
Once, you put them into your mouth,it really felt like cotton candy! :)

Sorry, these food are too tempting to post into my blog.
I know,your taste buds wants to have a bite too! :)

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  1. zanmai again! LOL I just posted about zanmai recently. and visited another zanmai post. but the food damn nice :)



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