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Monday, March 15, 2010

You ain't gonna ask me that.

On the 11 March 2010 is the day to reveal the results.
I totally can't sleep through the night.
I was terribly nervous and something bad might happen.
Eventually,my results were OKAY to find that.
Thank god. :)
Omg,i didn't accepted to cry when i'm holding my results.
After taking results, my mum drove to us Times Square.
Just us the girls!
Erien,Hui Sien,Michelle Yee and Poh yee.
Unfortunately,Mandy didn't managed to come due to her assignments :(
We went to buy cinema tickets.
While then,Hui Sien went back home to surprise her mum!
Then we walked to Sungai Wang for lunch!
Yeah,we were terribly straving!
We decided to eat a concept restaurant called T-bowl.
Odd name.lols.
That restaurant really freaks me out with those fake humans!

It's kinda bad to watch people eating you know!

The enviroment to the T-bowl.
It looks like a toliet but luckily there's no odour of that!

Our table diner.
It's a bath tub actually but with a huge glass above!
Ducky wears the shower cap!

We order our respective food and the results!
I've order a cup of hot lemon tea.
Odd-looking here.
The taste was TOO SWEET!
and also the taste doesn't look like lemon tea!
It's something else!

Michelle order her SHIT. lols
No lah,her chocolate ice-cream.
She clamied that the taste was tasteless!
Even the price was pretty expensive!
I've learn the moral of the day.

Later,we strode to take our neoprints!
Before we took our neoprints here's some pictures taken!

Erien interrupped the picture with a peace sign! :)

Her arms wants to take a picture too! ROFL.

A perfect picture of me and Erien!
OMG,what am i looking!

A close look of me and Michelle!
She told me that i lost my nose!
Yeah, in that photo!
hahahaha :D
The Charlie Angles! LOLS!
Joking! :P
I like that picture! :)
I wonder where is the other two girls :P

Our Neoprints is out!
My pose is kinda odd.
Perhaps,i didn't take neoprints almost about a year i surpose!
But i like the model style picture on the top right! (the yellow print)
A blur one!
Epic fail!
Me and erien in the cinema!
Later we speed back to Times Square to watch movie called,
Alice in Wonderland!
Nice movie though!
Ratings : 7/10
However,Alice's face was strangely pale!
The story was interesting though!
Johnny Depp's role was the Mad Hatter.
I like the way he act!
I thought Alice fall in love Mad Hatter!
The white queen was OVERLY gentle
the red queen was terribly evil!
Even the pigs have be stepped by her!
The part where she screamed " WHO STOLE MY TARTS?!"
was quite humorous!
I suspected that the Absolem the caterpillar was Severus Snape from Harry Potter's movie!
Fortunately,it is!
Currently listening:
Through the Trees by Low Shoulder.

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