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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

When that 'thing' comes, would you freak out?

A nightmare or nothing?
I had been wondering them for hours.
I think about 3 or 4 midnight.
Of course,everyone is sleeping so comfortablely with their sweetdreams.
and i was sleeping too, deeply.
Suddenly, a creepy and eerie noise came a crossed my ears.
It makes me waken, a little.
The noise kept intrudding me and i felt something gone really wrong.
The noise i heard is from the window.
The noise is like someone is screaming but it doesn't makes sense, in another sense, i think it's a
animal like cats or dogs or even rats on the drain.
I wanted to climb up to the window and see what's going on with all my might.
Unfortunately,I'm too tried to do it and my body told me not to.
Lastly,my eyes and my brain has fallen to sleep.
By then,i woke up in a sigh.
Giving me a curiousity without a answer.
So what was that noise come from?
What has makes the eerie noise?
Is it giving me a warning?
or something else?
What if......
The thing is a GHOST????
It's behind of you.


By the way, the story above is TRUE.
I swear.

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