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Thursday, March 4, 2010

What's without the fun of CNY? #Part 1.

First day of Chinese New Year.
We (My famliy) drove all the way to Cameron Highlands for 2 days 1 night.
Reached around evening in a not-feeling well situation.
Yeah,like gonna puke.
Due to the zig-zag road that we encountered.Gosh!
Once we reached to the hotel,i was like "thank god,it's over!"
The hotel we booked was Heritage Hotel at Tanah Rata.
I can tell you is highly-recommended.
Good services.
Good rooms.
By the way,they got LCD TV on every room! *woohoo*
When luxury meets nature.
Cool weather of there.
Moderate one.
But still have to wear jacket.

Jacket : From my aunt ,she brought it at China.
Glasses: Flea Market.
Others: wanna noe? Check out this post.

You know this place?

Okay,i tell you.
It's called Smoke House.
I think i told you guys before about it.
But this time,i have a CHANCE to look at the inside.
I tell you,i was really niceeeeeeeee :D
Sorry, no snapshots allowed for non-residence.
See? I told ya.
Living in a English lifestyle.
I didn't have a chance to stay there :EXPENSIVE.
Cantik-kan? :)
We went to Penang at the 3rd day of Chinese New Year.
3 days 2 nights.
We booked at Bayview hotel.
I don't REALLY like the place.
The room was small.
Even the bed were small.
Not really a friendly service.
But the swimming pool was OKAY.
Actually we wanna booked Hard Rock Hotel.
Unfortunately,all the rooms are fully booked.
Hiah,Sad :(
By the ways,i posting all the photos by random.
I just put captions below the photo.
Jonathan is struggling to build a sandcastle at night.
The beach is nearby the restaurant.
A famous one.
Evening at the beach near the hotel.
My red nails really attracts :PP

The scenery was amazing.
FYI,this pic is not edited.haha
that's my bro and my dad at there.
Makan Makan!
Cendol! My favourite!
The MOST FAMOUS cendol stall around Penang.
Lining up just ate that bowl of cendol.
Berdiri sambil makan.
We went to Kek Lok Si just to view at the Bronze Guan Yin Statue.
Because my dad saw them at the newspaper. know what i mean.
Auntie jealous and terkenang cinta pertamanya :PP
BTW,that's so coincidence.ha!
1st Inclined Lift????
Rm 3 person,okay lah.pergi je lah.
Before the 'lift' moves,that's the beginning of that.

The view from the 'lift'.
Sooo orangieeee 8D

Half of them is still under construction.
But nice and BIG too.
Closer view.
That's my granny by the way.
I'll be back soon with more.
Stay tunned!

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