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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

My eyes are blinking and filled with wonder.

I guess you knew it!
First glimpsed at my blog is that video below.
I think this video has been air-ed in TV channels for weeks already.
This is how i overcome my boredom :Looking at hot guys!
Who am i talking about?
The freaking-talented and heartthrob,Wang Lee Hom!
*claps claps*
Although he's in his 30's but who cares?
As long is good in all my list categories :P

So i don't know if you have or haven't watched yet.
That a look at it.
And you will be mesmerized by him!

Imagine if you are in a rush of going somewhere and you bumped into a person that you NEVER expected to happen or impossible to be here at this time or place.
Ain't gonna scream like that lady does!
I will take that 'person' is Lee Hom!
Well,if me I'll make sure is the REAL him and take a picture with him or a autograph if he is willing to.
And before that,
I will slowly look his greatest gift facial features he had.
Now i can't think anymore or anything comes in my mind.
How about you?
Whatever it is ,Watch this. :)

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