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Monday, March 1, 2010

Movie Reviews Time!

Along this week,i have been in cinemas almost everyday!
3 movies in a week.
That breaks my record of my very own.
Well,to kill boredom and it does kills.
Not really watched all the movies in the cinema.
But still a few of them.
Let's all start with English movie.
Percy Jackson and the Lightning Theif.
Ratings: 8/10
The poster doesn't overwelmed me to watched this movie desperately.
I was invited by a friend to check out this movie.
Well,before i watched first thing i heard is : HOT GUY.
so how hot is he?
so I watched...the part of him under the swimming pool.
Surprisingly,he DOES!
Cute,well-body fitted,handsome guy :LOGAN LERMAN.
You heard the word ya!
The Story was quite in a fantasy world about ancient Greek.
So don't try to surpersitious about it.
It appear a number of creatures
(that's what homo sapiens called in the modern world)
Eg,Medusa,the four-headed dragon that i forgotten what the name is,
Posiden, the king of the sea/ocean, name it!
Watched with Kah Weng.
72 Tenants of Prosperity

Ratings: 9/10
Duhhh, super hilarious lorh !
Makes me laugh and laugh and laugh till tears dropped out!
Going back the 50's is the beginning of the movie.
well,have you seen the 1973's 72 Tenants of Prosperity?
The scenes were more in their big house lived with 72 people,gosh!
However,this movie is modern lifestyle in Hong Kong.
In the scene in Mongkok.About 2 mobile shops were 'pulling' customers by using promotions.
Eventually,all have to do with their younger days.
All TVB actors and actress are mostly are shown in that movie.
and also singers too. :)
What have REALLY surprise me is the fishball lady.
well,she dressed in a very fat looking women with protruding teeth.
I don't even know she's Bernice Liu until i saw the rolls of actors name, that REALLY REALLY unexpected.
Watched with April Tan.

Last movie.

Little Big Soldier

Yess,i was desperately to watch Lee Hom in this movie!
I think all his fans too! :P
Ratings : 8/10
It all started the battalions of warring states of Liang and Wei collided in bloodbath that lasted a dawn until dusk.
Only two men were standing a soldier from Liang (Jackie Chan) and
a General from Wei (Wang Lee Hom)
The soldier survived because he's an expert in playing dead,with a device strapped on his body with protruded like a arrowhead added with realism.
(yeaps,i really laughed that part! what an idea!)
Eventually,the soldier captured the wounded General,hoping to use the enemy as ticket to his freedom of going back to Liang to survive to be a hardworking farmer and continue his surname to pass the generations.
However,the General's brother (a korean actor/singer i forgot)
who wanted to killed him for throne.
By the way,his brother were hot too- his abs and body figure.
In between two men,a journey continues humourously.
Funny scenes and also realising of peace not war.
Got some Mongolian ethics appeared on the scene, funny though.
There's a repeaition he sang a song called 油菜花/youcai flower.
Very addictive and also feeling a mercy toward his miserable life.
The ending were quite a sadness.
The soldier didn't survived in the end- killed by a group of Qing soldiers.
Because Qing conquered the whole states of China.
Hey,did you read the history?
In the other end, the General known as Prince were successfully reached his states and taken the throne.
Lee Hom was a good in everything on my expectations.hehe
Watched with Jia Ying.


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