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Monday, February 8, 2010

Make my eyeballs round and round.

Today was my very 1st driving class.
Nervous but excited!
As the tutor arrived,i spotted someone on his car,except teacher.
But a student went off from the driver's seat and sat on the back of the car.
I realised is not someone else.
It's my friend who went together during our undang class,Jie Tong.
I was quite happy to see her - it's been weeks.
I was demanded to sit infront of the car.=_______=
The tutor drove Jie Tong back home as he was talking and babbling nonstop about drving.
Some laughs appeared there and a smile.
By the way,Her house was totally HUGE.
After dropped Jie Tong,'s my turn to learn.
He explained all the uses of the manual car and everything!
Gear 1,Gear 2,Gear 3 and 4.
Then the garage and also brake....etc....
After that as he drove my eye staring on his feet on how he drive.
After those,uh-oh.
It's my turn to DRIVE. *glup!*
When i was in the driver's seat, everything was all set and i off to go.
Some mistakes espeacially the garage.
Can't control them as i slowly let it go.
Blame my shoe.
Well,my shoe is quite a old and there's a hole on the bottom of the shoe.
Hardly my shoe can't really managed to drag very smoothly.
Cause the carpet of the car is squarish in shape.
Got few times the car stopped suddenly.
But still get along with it.
It was smooth in the highway.(That's the best one and i like it.)
It feels like i'm grown to adult and i can drive- hey,consider very GOOD!
I sometimes can't feel the petrol pedal, don't even know is it or not.
By that i must use my sense of hearing.
To know is my engine is on OR not.
What i confused is when should i changed the gear???
Need a lot of hard work on that.
All those things happen, the tutor told me i was average
and need to work hard on my leg =_________=" FML.
Listening:Firefiles by Owl City.

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