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Monday, January 11, 2010

What a day! :D

Great day people! :D
Yesterday went with Jia Ying and Jia Wei to Leisure Mall all of the sudden.
We went to Boston Restaurant for lunch.
I tell you it was delicious! :D
I ordered cendol and it was nice but no red beans :(
Perhaps red beans is too expensive?
First thing attracted me is the table.
a table with a mahjong inside.LOL
can play meh?

I didn't ordered main course since i'm not that hungry.
So, i shared with my girls. :)
Suddenly i spotted a lot of hot guys there!
Especially the supervisor! ;D
He look very familiar to me like some taiwanese celeb that i know.
Picture? sorry ah...
Jia ying called a bowl of rice with few pieces of chicken meat and a round fried egg.
I trying to described them cause i don't know the name of the meal. ==
Lastly, Jia wei called this.

Spagaetti seafood with tomato sauce.

Picture of me and Jia wei.
Jia ying kept refused not to take her photo.

The opposite us there's a mirror (of course)
Trying to take a perfect picture BUT FAILED.
Jia ying trying not to take her photo.
But i did :)

Before we went to Boston,
I brought this bling bling thing for decoration at Mini Toons.
I already fall for it.
I know sure expensive want!
I look through behind the package and it costs RM13.90!
quite expensive but still i brought it.
Love those roses.

At night, we went for shopping!
I brought a red Chuck Taylor Converse shoe!
Yay! CNY shoe for meeeeeee!
Then,my mum brought my family to Lot 10 for dinner.
Quite nice lahhh.
I saw this.
Utterly and effing COOL!
I love food! :D

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