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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Vroooom vrooom!

Freaking i gonna tell you that...
I passed my freaking undang exam!
I know too excited now.
And a relief.phew!
I went in quite early cause the place havent open yet.
For a while later,a lady went in to open the place.
I went in by myself.
Suddenly i saw Chukei (mandy's coursin)
But i didnt call her cause i too scared i might failed.
Quite nervous before i was called to to the hall.
Filled with computers in there.
My number is 11.
I stomped in the room nervously filled with anxiety.
My seat was a old-fashioned computer like a big and heavy kind.
I typed my IC number and click 'Orang Awam Malaysia'
Time given was 45 minutes.
I do and do and i checked 3 times.
I see my results.
Heart beating double faster......
Dimaklumkan bahawa tuan/puan telah LULUS.
yay! 47/50!
3 mistakes only!
Thus,i was the last to come out. ( i think)
Moreover,i almost forgot i left my books at the
Lastly,i try to talk to Chukei.
All of the sudden,my phone rang.pft.
It's my mum,she's arrived.
So,i did chat a little with her.Friendly. :)
I went out the place and saw my mum grinning. :)
I hop all my might like i pass my SPM.Rofl.
Like this now.

Yeah,excited picture. :D
with my mouth open wide :)
More drama queen like "OMG,OMG! i passed my exam!!!!"
Sarcastic right?
My 1st level is over and come to another level.
Our song by Taylor Swift.

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