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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Thanks for the memories.

That day i just decorated my photo album.
Using bits of pieces from every old magazine i have.
Cut and paste continuously.
Till my hands got sticky and get my satisfaction for that album.
Lastly, vola!
Great effort with a smile :)

It's all handmade by me.

The side too!
Inside this photo album have kept all my past childhood memories i have and also my school life for all this conservative years i had been.
Flipping though pages and looking those old pictures carefully...
Those wonderful memories flashed through my mind.
Ahh, what a wondeful life.
Every pictures kept a very meaningful and touching scences that we never forget.

It's me!
I even wrote something on the side on the column of the picture.
Cause' every picture you put has a column for you to write.
Yes, i kinda perasaan to it.*laughs*
True, i still love it till now, right here and every second.

For my toodles years, this is my most favorite picture.
Me and my daddy!
I confess now that my dad is looking very youngly handsome.
With a sharp eyes, equinne nose like Andy Lau and a best-suited in formal,
It totally mesmerize me.
If i didn't tell you, you might think is some hottie. (lol)
Remember last year's Deepavali post?
You know what i mean.
My years goes by...
I totally missed my kindergarten year in Seri Soka.
Can say that,
I'm the centre of the attraction around my class.
Because my mum love to experiment me with those cute and colourful hair clips!
My mind is still fresh about the bakery trip during when i was six.
Going there by a old orange school bus.
I still remember that during in the bakery factory when we were about to go back to school.
My thought kept running through my mind.
I said myself, "Why are we going back empty-handed?"
Now, there's no answer to it.
It remained a mystery.
I post this must have a reasonable answer.
Just by saying.
Although sometimes there's an obstacle due to a tiny problem.
But lastly, all had been solved.
Mum and Dad and my NG family,
thanks for the memories.

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