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Friday, January 22, 2010

My Valentine's Day

I will write this post because for participating the Nuffnang contest for the movie
"Valentine's Day"
I apologise for no picture included in this post because i have no idea why i can't post them.
Blame blogger and my mum's laptop :(
So what you have to do is imagine my story :)
Here the story begins...

I was in house one evening and that day was valentine's day.
I believe no one gonna invited me to have a date or something.
I was reading my 'The time traveler's wife' while lying on my cosy bed.


My phone rang.
I picked up my mobile and i saw an unknown number and eventually i answered.

"May i know who is this?"
"It's me ,Taylor Lautner."
Before i say a word, i was like "gosh! he called me ! :D "
"oh,it's you! What brings you here?" i tunned back to a nice sound.
"erm........could you go outside of your house?"

I'm confused by that time and so i went out of the house.I saw a cute blue Volkswagen vehicle infront of me.Taylor drop off the car and move towards me.

"Could you go on a date with me?"
I was excited and fell the joy of tears and i replied with him with a answer "yes."
He blindfolded me before i went into the car.I can hear the car roars and Taylor start driving along.

Inside the car was slience.He grabbed my hands on his side of his hand along the journey in his car.I was quite nervous and excited as well.

Then the car stops suddenly.
"where are we?" I asked with full of confusion.
But Taylor didn't say a single word but went off the vehicle.
He opens the door beside me and grabbed my hand slowly.Then,he guide me to somewhere that i didn't even know where the hell am i.
He untied and took off the cloth from my eyes and he suddenly say "surprise!"
My eyes opened wide and giggled because he surprise me with a romantic candle light dinner nearby the lake.
Infront of the table, i saw my favourite steak.
Taylor says "I cook tonight's dinner."
"Really?" ,to my surprise he never cooks anything even a instant noodle.

After we finished the delicious meal, he quickly grabbed my hand and say "Let's go!"
"go where?"
"You will find out." he grinned.

He impatiently pulled me into the car and drove off.
Out of my sight,he brought me to a place i wasn't expecting-Ferris Wheel.
I was quite delighted about it and we went in the ride.

Until we are on the top of the ferris wheel, i could see the whole view of the city and the lake.
All of the sudden, i heard a sound of explosion "bang"
I quickly grabbed his arm and he cuddled me.
Fortunately ,it was just fireworks.
I laughed for my silly-ness.
He gazed into my brown eyes and his face got nearer to mine.
Thus, it started with a kiss.
Yes,i know i'm still dreaming ;p
PS: I LOVE YOU nuffnang! I want movie tickets or either some exclusive prizes :D

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