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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Let the flowers dry on the land.

First words to start a blog : Rawr!
Can you feel the heat?
Chinese New Year is around the corner!
Anyways,i'm feeling quite delighted and happy today.
Reason: Getting webcam-ed with Erien!

Chit-chatting, of course.
You know, gossip girls who talk non-stop.
blah blah...and laughs continuously.
Hopping to meet her after CNY!
SOOOO miss her, man.
Nah, busy these days. :(
Today i'm feeling indian-ish.
Because i'm currenty wearing harem pants.
What was that? You don't know?
Let me show you.

Trust me, go for these.
I'm effing in love with these!
5 Reasons why you should buy harem pants.
1.soooo comfortable!
2.can go for anything-mix&match with clothes. a hit this season :)
4.wearing in any occasion/season/style :D fats flabbing out & hide them from misery! :p *giggles*
In the end, i'm in a mood for camwhoring :D
Pictures taken! :D


Currently listening:
Counting Crows- Vannesa Carlton feat Big Yellow Taxi.

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