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Sunday, January 17, 2010

I see you.

I watched Avatar recently.
I know i kinda outdated. :p
Before the movie starts,everyone has started talking about it.
I wasn't into it and not into those science fiction kind of thing.
No high expectations of anxiety.
First thing when i got the news about avatar is
"What the blue human?"
Once i was watching television and the Avatar trailer appeared.
My eyes focus on the screen
and i say to my brother who was busy playing is DOTA.
"this is gonna be nice"
and my brother replied to me "whatever!"
=.= (my expression is like that after he told me)
I got some infos that this is the most expensive movie ever in the history.
And really is.
Because most of it they used 3D kinda thingy and all computerized.
The story line was exciting even the love story between the 2 navi.
They even know who to become one of the Navi's.
Some kind of bed that transfer your soul to your navi's body.
kinda cool,huh?
But it looks like a dream to
The whole place is totally magical.
The whole place is blinking and glowing. :)
Good for romance,eh?
Even the creatures is also totally different like all those animals mixed up and form into a creature.
Good idea they have ,lots of imagination.
Of course which is all famous and professional directors.
In the end of the movie,
Jake rather be the navi than human since he's handicapped.
Poor thing Grace died.
The sound background was awesome too.
Yes,after i watched i think this movie is goddamn rocks!
Best movie of the year! :)

I see you.
Repetition on this movie is this three words.
Now i'm sooooo into James Worthington who acted Jake Sully in the movie!
He's hot without this moustache. ;)
I see you by Leona Lewis.

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