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Monday, February 1, 2010

Get on with it!

*all shocked expressions*
We all three is minor characters.
Actually i'm talking about my yellow T-shirt cousin.
Anyways, those pictures were taken few hours before my prom.
camwhoring is awsome!
Making silly-est faces that ever seen.
Especially with my mum.
Look who's back!
Jonathan Bevington Ng!

His messy british-look-alike hair. :P
Curly all over!
Frankly speaking,he's not.
A trueeeeeeee malaysian! :D
*semangat patrotic!*
Just a little mix-ed on genes. :P
Tapi masih tak tahu bahasa melayu.
Go for a haircut by my mum!

Cheeky little mice! :3
He loves holidays.

Computer games like everyday.
Spending with his favourite cartoon, Simpsons.
Going holidays with family ( his happiest day ever)
someone bullied him.
Journ xi!
another coursin of mine!
quite a rascal and annoying though :P
talkative boy, i like him!
Thus, a photogenic!
and a copy cat too.
By the way,
Jonathan and his mum will be back on Chinese New Year with my family.
A Holiday trip!
Journey to Cameron Highlands, the place for strawberries and teh boh (lol)
and Penang island,a total food paradise!
This festive season will be totally rock out! :D
Chinese New Year is the best!
Angpaus are recieve from all aunties and uncles
Mum and Dad is the most of course!
Food will be a blast!
Surpisingly, 14th is the start of CNY and valentime's day too!
Hey, double the celebration! ❤
Dark chocolates! woohoo!
LOL, i think i'm exaggerating on food! ;) yum!

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