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Friday, January 8, 2010

First day at KPP class.

First thing, you know what is KPP?
Well, if you have take L lisence already you should know about it.
For those who don't even know about it.
I'll tell you the full KPP : Kurrikulum Pendidikan Pemandu.



yess,i attended KPP class before i get my lisence passed.
I went there with a group of girls about 8 of them.
Drove by a middle-aged man who always bring his old and peeling leather briefcase.
Once we reached there, unexceptedly there were tons of people quening up for registeration.
Saw a lot of people i know like Siew Sinn, Kok Hou,Maram
and chan twins from SBU (i forgot the name)


I went there i met a girl from Seri Suria!
What a coincidence! :)
Her name is Jie tong.
Talk a lot about my ex school since i am ex-surian.
Talk alot about sss prom and sbs prom.
lot's of laughter :D


First section started quite late.
Once the teacher-in-charged came in, my first impression towards him is his eyes.
His eyes are like half opened like just woke up from his bed.
He show alot of tips for driving videos all from UK.
Thus ,he got alot of syok sendiri acts.
Laugh all the way till end of the class.
The most disgusting is he even show us videos of the accidents happened in Malaysia.
So gross, gosh.
All blood everywhere! Organs lie on the highway!
Even some heads are chopped off.
I don't know why can happened in this way.
I lowered down my head pretending i am reading the book.


Second section of the class i was excepting to be him also.
Unfortunately, another teacher came in.
A kinda short, gloom face and well suited teacher.
His accent is like a kelantanese.
Because his slang is like you don't even know is he taking Indonesian language or what.
I said to me friend "he is so firece."
She agreed too.
No laughs, it's serious time.
Bad thing?
He ask questions by random pick from the students list.
If he ask me...i will be motionless and unbearablely to open my mouth.
Good thing is he gave lot tips of what to read and not to read.
Class dismissed at 2:45pm
Great experience though.

Now i am still studying them.
Going to take exam next week or as soon as i can to finish them.
Later, i can start learn driving with another 6 hours talk (again!) ==

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