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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Current me.

Making a fool around with my mum's pink laptop!

Hee :P


Yes,i 'm a silly today.

Yes, i am awfully bored here.

Yes, i wanna get out from this dull place.

Yes, i'm too free to do nothing but blogging now.

Yes, yes and yessss.


I'm camwhoring myself with my sampat-ness.

I love my current life- now!

No school, no studies and no stress!

I know look effing silly,stupid and fugly here.

Ignore those pictures.

I gonna be a ultimate glutton

because i love to EAT! ;p


such a random. :)


My mum is trying to teach my 华语.
I'm currently now a half-banana.
I don't wanna learn standard 2 and 3 syllabus.
I'm okay with those already.
Please procced to what i have learn after junior 4.
All those i have learned in Seri Suria.
Don't worry, i quite remember those.
Current love.
Tell her mama by Norah Jones.

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