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Monday, January 25, 2010


I'm utterly effing BORED.
gosh.....pull me out of this pathetic atmosphere. :(
little help here.
Me wanna:
Have fun with friends
Have a goooood day
Have a freeeeeeeeee time
Have a relaxing and exciting life for just 2 months.
I tell you,working sucks like hell.
Treat you like a slave, punish you like a prisoner.
Fret that.
Dreadful is the word.
yess,i'm telling my emotions and feelings out.
What i felt now is anger and fear.
Dear monday,
I'm feeling blue today.
Can i throw you to next year?
I want to,can?
You're the worst day to start a great week.
Luckily,i got someone who accompanyed me.
Thank you in a milion :)
Especially my brother.
He kills boredom.
Although we used to have fight but ended up being good together :)
PS: i think i'm going to become nerd/otaku (0.o)

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