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Thursday, December 3, 2009

Steps to freedom :D

Claps for me!
i currently have 2 and a half subjects to go!
why do i say 'a half' ?
because i finish my seni paper 1
paper 2 is coming soon, this friday!
totally prepared!
just worried a tiny,punny thingy.
Am i going to manage to accomplished my goddamn drawing in 3 hours?
For me is not enough to finish a masterpiece ( perasaan)
Hopefully i can do it before 3 hours.
Today i gonna challenge myself to do it!
5 mintues for the sketching
the rest hands for the painting
and last be not least,
the final touch.
yes, indeed.
using some colour pensils :D
By the end of this week,
i must deserve my self a little 'token of appreciation'
*evil laugh*
mum,let's go shopping! tee-hee!
catch you you later!
toodles :)

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