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Saturday, December 12, 2009

Something goes wrong.

I knew something was wrong.
shouldn't Jacob kiss Bella?
i mean he kiss her in a forceful way.
duh,i refering according to the novel.
Its exactly.okayy?
On page 330, last paragraph.
"His lips crush mine,stopping my protest.
He kissed me angrily,roughly,his other hand gripping tight around the back of my neck,
making escape impossible.
I shoved against his chest with all my strength,but he didn't even seem to notice.
His mouth despite the anger,his lips molding to mine in a warm,unfamiliar way."
okay,now i skip to another page.
Page 331,line 9.
"He pressed his lips softly to mine again,
once,twice.... and third time."
Face the fact,it's true.
Seriously,go check it on New Moon novel.

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