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Sunday, December 13, 2009

Play it off,japanese kid.

By looking at it, it looks normal.

once you have watch this video,i can tell you that this kid has amazing talent.

Even Jason Mraz was overwelmed about this little kid.

yess,he is impressed with that kid's hard work (click here)

"I am most impressed with the diminished chord with this little genius plays at 1:07.Not many people care to hit this chord when covering the song."

-Jason Mraz.

He can play ukulele with funny,adorable,and weird faces that makes you smiling all the way.

and he feels itchy too *scratch* haha

He can laugh and laugh,perhaps his mum was making some funny expressions behind the camera.

Though the sound that he made is quite disturbing and disinfluent-cy,

but still,this four-year-old kid is considered excellent.

His parents should maybe appreaciate his kid's greatest gift from God.

This video is just subtitle,go original.

After watch this superb video,he makes me want to own a ukulele.

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