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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Movie Critic.

Countdown to my final paper!
Later on,i'm off from school!
Having perdagangan papers yesterday.
It was going smoothly on paper 1 and even went off quite early
filled with confidence! lol
Paper 2 was OKAY.
got some careless mistakes i had done!
Forget it,its over.
After exams,
I went to watch New Moon with Janice and Crystal.
Since there's so much free time.
Venue at Leisure Mall (again)
That's the nearest for me.
SO Excited! :D
I brought 2:35pm ticket. ( i still remember! )
and yesterday students having discounts in uniforms! :)
Then we walk here, walk everywhere.
I was thinking should take a shot on the poster.
Since we are boring.
Both of them don't wanna take so i take lah.
Perlakuan yang paling bodoh.
Ialah ini.

hahahahahahaha. :D
Screw Bella.
They both are MINE! ;p
Credits for crystal :)
I think i look idiotic.
Perhaps,some people laughing at my idoitcy.
yeah,spotted some seen-before people.
By the way, sorry for the blurr-ness of the poster board.
Get a closer and clearer picture :)
There you go.

Yeap this is it.
Its time then we watched.

Movie critic time!
Warning: this maybe be a very long post and madness can happen.

First of all,
Twilight is way better than New Moon.

5 Reason:
1.More conflic on the movie.
2.Hot body (Jacob) appeared.
3. More laughs at the movie.
4.Battle between Jacob and Edward begins.
5.At least, they did go to Italy.Sometimes Forks is boring.

Beginning of the movie where Edward shines,
I laughed. No ideas why.
After Edward left Forks, Bella acted very differently.
For months and months passed.
Sudden, she hooked up on Jacob.
That's the part i'm very jealous.
After summer break,
Mike returns with a new hair cut that look similar to Edward's.
In fact, after Bella snaps out with a zombie state,
Mike tries to ask her out. Bella tells Mike that she doesn't date,
but they can be friends.
Funny thing is Bella ask all her friends to watch 'Face Punch'
even Jacob was invited too.
Ended up with three of them (Jacob,Bella and Mike)
Nevertheless, Mike continues to rival with Jacob for Bella's attention when all three go to movie theater together. Mike was quite disappointed because Jacob going as well.
During the movie, Mike throws up.
Mike even can't stand that violent movie till Bella and Jacob laughed at him.
All of the sudden, Jacob hold Bella's hands but she refused and
Jacob asked her "can't i hold your hands?"
(feel jealous)
then they blah blah blah and almost kiss....
then Mike turns up.BLAH.
(go watch that movie if want to know more)

Anyways there's no chemistry between Bella and Edward.

Perhaps,Edward is not really appeared in this movie.

Jacob 's hot body.
His hot body turned when Jacob take off his T-shirt.
When trying to help Bella from blood to flow.
the audience turned with movie background sound.
yess, he did gained a few pounds just for this movie.

Jacob and Bella always had failed in kissing with something interrupted. the car, a sudden breath from Bella.She don't wish to do this for Edward's sake. Bella's house, a phone call rang and Jacob picked up.It was Edward.Jacob turn very pissed with him.
During the movie almost ended when Jacob and Edward got almost fight with each other,
Bella stops them from fighting and Jacob leaves.
Edward asked her : WOULD YOU MARRY ME?
Bella's expression turns stunned and "DOOM"
The movie ended.
The movie gives a cliffhanger.
Curiousity for the audience.
What will happen next?
Wait till the next movie. :)

I found this when passed by a website.

Taylor's butt with white boxer!
hahahahaha :D



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