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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Prom Plan?

If only every night could be like prom night:
Your makeup looks perfect,you're wearing the dress of your dreams,
you're dancing with all your girls to the best music, and spending then entire night surrounded by the guys who actually put some thought into their appearance.
Prom, Prom, Prom.
That's what we are talking about because...
Next month would be prom month! yay! :D
Any plans yet?
Well, i did- only plan without any action.
Even written all-in-one in a piece of paper.
Basically, is all about fabulousity and glamourous.
Good thing, i brought Seventeen magazine :D
They given the full-package of planning your prom.
Before,now and after-perhaps?
I saw this awesome black tiered tutu dress and only costs RM35!
Best thing, when you are running out of money (sad case)
These looks cost so little, even i was gasped with surprise!
My very own limited budget: RM 200 below
(you never try,you never know)
I admitted,
I'm a big spender.
Buy, buy,buy without a sen in return.
that's why.
My prom dress choices:
something red and black.
they make me feel so sophisicated.
and also can make me feel comfortable plus can groove :D
am i going to find the best and suitable prom dress?
Didn't have a partner to go with you?
Actually being single is okay cause you can hook on the hotties and join with your besties.
If you been invited by the guy to prom, go ahead.
Better still, if you have weight problem or you feel disgusted with your body size,
exercise now,before its too late!
get those tips from seventeen now!
Felt like promoting the magazine ;p
Prom is celebrating your final year of high school that you might not want to be missed!
got to go.
toodles :)

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