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Friday, October 30, 2009

Graduation Day '09

I'm graduated from high school people!
Never expect the place was small.
but still OKAY.
Beginning of the majlis,students, parents and teachers are sitting respectively.
Later, four speeches going....then,
My class going first taking certificates.
super nervous but excited. XD
quite fast the graduation ends.
around 11 am.
After that,everyone started taking pictures endlessly.
Including me. ;p
Tons and tons and tons of pictures!
Actually, wearing formal is quite tiring but makes you exhausted.
Especially wearing high heels.
ugh, the pain on my foot. Ouch!
even i still feel the pain NOW.
But still i love wearing them.
(sometimes being beautiful need some sacrifice)
On the end of the majlis,
we are demanded to return the green robe.
They did give something.
Well,at least we have return something without bare hands.
a file and a bag of goodie
Eventually,it was 2 history notes in the file =.= (i have them before)
and also a drink and 2 little muffins plus a keychain on the goodie bag.
Lazy to post pictures at here but got in fb.
Exhausted. =0 *expression of a sigh*
so yeah, i see you then!
My graduation robe

Me and my friends

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