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Sunday, April 12, 2009

My computer has saved!

So here how it goes.
Today i went to Pc fair with my mum's friend to get a CPU for my computer.
The cause of my CPU was destroyed by my brother
who always plays his favorite on9 computer games almost 24 hours everyday
and in the end, "kena" virus.
Back to the Pc fair thing...
it was raining cats and dogs.
Before entering Pc fair ,
i text to yao bang cause i knew that he worked in a computer company.
and YES
he was at PC fair( i didnt see his blog.)
The crowd was too much like people rushing to get their laptops or desktop,
pushing here and there.
i was sweating then.
Till the banquet hall, i saw him.hahahaha
His company he worked with was "Hp"
Later on,i almost went the whole place to find the best CPU untill my leg cramped.
unfortuately,there's no CPU except with extremely HIGH prices.
In the end ,i went back to his booth and i brought it!
Is only RM998 with mouse and keyboard.=D
Plus i using Windows Vista NOW!
the best part was the CPU is mini and adorable!
I love it! WEE~~
Thanks gor! You save my computer!
You see i sooooo good talking the benefits of your company.=p
In this moment that im waiting for my computer to back to normal!
Now i can go on9 and blogging anytime! =)

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