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Saturday, March 21, 2009

I dont want to be the centre of the attraction.

I didnt online blogging lately.

my computer occur some technical problems.

so,at last my computer is backkkkkk!

now i have a chance to bloggging.=D

well,i will talk about going to skor A seminar in university malaya.

i came to school about 6.10am

and i tried to find my friends outside the school

unfortunately,im tooooooo early!

need to wait..........tick tock,tick tock....

wait until beh tahan.

while waiting,

"hey, the moon is round and shinny! "

until 6.40am,people started coming waiting for the bus to arrived.

about 7 am everyone went up the bus.

i sat with mandy lau.

it takes about 45 minutes to reached there.

when i have reached i realised that im the only one who wears long skirt.

oh my,i wear the wrong outfit!

everyone stare at me strangely.

but i dont care.

Later,q-ing to pay the rm 98 for register at the counter.

kinda expensive.

but i dont care cause my mum gave me to me.

so,i got the blue pass and a blue file

and when in to the Huge class at fakulti ekonomi.

i sat on the 3rd line with my friends.

janice,mandy,me,lai leng and michelle.

this is how its looks like.

BIG board.

in front of me are the malay boys from SMK Saujana.

the malay guy sat in fornt of me ask me; "dari mana?"

i replied"dari smksbs.tahu mana?"

he said."tak,mana hah?"

i said in the kelam kabut way, "kat ....shamelin lo"

he laughed,"sendiri punya sekolah pun tak tahu"


After a few mintues,

"sekolah mana?" i asked

"smk saujana,tahu mana",he repiled

"pernah dengar,tahu tak tahu mana",i said

".......erm...u tahu mana seri petaling?"he asked

"tahu.."i repiled.

but i dont know where.i guess.

The form five's

From many school including:


-smk seri petaling

-smk seri mutiara

and many more that is alien to me.

Evey section anyone of us in this class will be chosen for the most "active student"

like asking questions,catat nota,scratch here scratch there?,digging nose?

thats what the pengerusi majlis said.

First section: penulisan

the 3 chosen ones

-Ery :smksbs

-Le xuan:smksbs

-a malay guy sit in front of janice:smk saujana

Second section:Komsas

the 3 chosen ones




Thirs section:Tatabahasa

the 3 chosen

-from smk seri petaling

-form smk putrajaya

-from smk seri mutiara

Forth section: Rumusan

anugerah pelajar terbaik
-smk seri petaling

later then balik and it was raining like cats and dogs.
came back around 7.15pm.
thats the end of the day.

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