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Thursday, January 1, 2009

Volunteer Time!

Before i started this post,
Warning: For those who were not-so-into religion topic.
Just ignore this post.
Phew! For this past 2 days, i had been very, very busy.
Time is too short,so, im unable to post this blog.
I'm have been doing charity work for just two days at Bukit Jalil.
The title of the ceremony : Dharma Talk & Sharing Merit Blessing Ceremony Year 2009 conducted by Venerable Hui Li.
Maybe some people knew about this, either you can find them in 中国报 or Nanyang Xiang Pau newspaper, today.
Is more to my religion, buddha.
For volunteering as 'ying si' means welcoming the venerable.
However, i have to wear black long cloaks just like all those monks do.
But, i'm not monk! Dont make that mistake.
Here's some picture's of what i have taken,just a few.
Scroll down.
Didnt manage to take picture yesterday.
Cause: Out of battery.
Anyway, the first day was OKAY. Venerable's Dharma talk was hilarious.
The audience kept laughing throughly.
Well, the second day (New Year's Eve) was quite fun.
The Dharma talk was also as usual and there's have lots performance.
Lots of glistering lights all over the stadium, like stars brighting up the sky.
Just like concert like we usually went to Lee Hom's or Jay Chau's concerts.
Though, it is Buddha's ceremony but still, spectacluar.=)
Still having countdown.
Unfortunately, making countdown early about half an hour.=x
The stage.
My black cloak or so-called-monk attire.

Accidentally, taken my mum's picture! ;p
While having our seats taken before the ceremony begans soon.

Mum and me!
More post coming soon.stay tunned for more!

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