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Sunday, January 4, 2009

Back to school life.

Well, tomorrow is the day going back to school life.
Still got......10 hours and 46 mintues form now.
Countdown back to school.=)
I love school but i hate homeworks and waking up early.
Getting excited to see my friends and schoolmates!
The truth is im not that soooo looking forward for going back to school.
However, i miss my friends!
There's homework that i havent done was Moral essay Form 5, tugasan harian!
At least i done my last year's project.=)
As i said before this year was my final year of secondary school or perhaps not.
Hopefully this year going to be a good year, good results, good presentation,good project,and
good homework!
By the way, for your information, maybe i will be less update my blog.
Some of the reasons.i post it before.=)
List of packing my old ragged school bag:
1.bottle water [check!]
2.books? or note book?
3.pencil case [check!]
4.lunch box?
5.umbrella [check!]
6. any else?
Anyways, to end my post, i found this through mei mei's blog.
Ways to become a popular blogger.
Kind of funny to me. can consider as lame! =D
Kay. Buh-bye! ;)

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